“The untouchable sands”

Films: The Sand (2015)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: That of an average building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Back in 1980, we had ourselves a film that scared us away from the beaches, lest we get eaten before we even enter the water. But now, we bring you a beast that makes that proto-Graboid look like a garden worm in comparison. Even if the budget is lower, the terror is even greater.

History: Somewhere on the California beaches, a bunch of college teens are partying around with not a care in the world. But the very next day, they realize that they are disappearing, and something is watching, waiting for them to touch the sand again. Deep below the beach is a bizarre creature that can immobilize and slowly tear apart whatever happens to make even the slightest contact with the sandy ground. It is the tentacle of an enormous jellyfish, and this beach is its feeding ground.

Notable Kills: ALL OF THEM. Though the one where it drags the big guy through the barrel is a standout.

Final Fate: After night falls and there are only two survivors left, the jellyfish gets impatient, and unleashes its massive tentacle upon them. The good news is that one girl manages to set it on fire and drive the beast away from the beach forever. The bad news is that the monster is now heading towards the Santa Monica Pier...though at least the MANY people not on the sands there should get a slightly fair warning, and this beast's existence won't be a secret anymore.

Powers/Abilities: The moment the jellyfish's many tentacle threads latch onto prey, they never let go. And presumably, they are incredibly venomous.

Weakness: Fire.

Scariness Factor: 4-Once again, we have a special case in which the horrible CGI effects do precious little to distract from the sheer brutality of its concept. Jellyfish are already the last thing you want to encounter near the beaches next to sharks and wayward needles, but they just had to balloon one to being bigger than most whales, and then make it an ambush predator that can snatch up anything on the sands. And by snatch them up, we mean slowly tear them up in a mess of visceral gore as they desperately try to resist being dragged under. Between this and "Blood Beach", we're fairly certain you NEVER want to go near the beaches again...

Trivia: -The largest jellyfish of them all is the lion's mane jellyfish, which can be up to 120 feet long from the tip of its head to that of its tentacles. They prefer cold waters, and in spite of their size, their sting isn't all that lethal to humans.

-Even when separated from the body, a jellyfish's tentacle can still function and sting. All jellyfish tentacles are covered in hundreds of cells called cnidoblasts, which fire into the skin like a bunch of darts and inject neurotoxin of varying intensity.

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