“Up Death Creek without a paddle”

Films: Beneath (2013)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Lake

Height/Weight: That of an average sand tiger shark.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The stupidity of any group of people is usually measured by how quick they all go with a bad idea. Or in some cases, how long it takes for the whole thing to fall apart. Indeed, one must wonder what it means for our civilization when a bunch of teens can only make things worse for themselves as a monstrous fish circles their sinking boat.

History: The quiet area known as Black Lake has a dark secret. Deep below lurks a huge man-eating trout that has attracted many a hunter for years, but the most they’ve been able to get out of it was its tooth, which has been passed down generations as a necklace. There used to be more of them back in the 60s, but only this one has survived the culling through sheer power alone. But now, a teen bearing the necklace has brought his friends along to swim in Black Lake, despite the warnings. And sure enough, they all end up stuck on a leaky boat as the fish bides its time, waiting for them to enter its domain. Of course, it didn't count on most of the teen being utter a-holes, so it might end up getting its meal sooner than later.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: By the time night falls, the only one left alive is the most sociopathic of them all. That is, the one with the tooth necklace. But the elder nearby realizes what he did, and sends him back into the lake to be chomped by the trout. Now, there is no one left to disturb the fish anymore.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-It's no shark, but it fills the niche of one almost perfectly. This toothy beast is capable of tearing anyone to bits if they're in the water for even a couple seconds, its appetite being that ravenous. Also, it looks disturbingly real.

Trivia: -Aside from the much-discussed snakehead trout, there are no other species that are much of a threat to people. The largest species on record is the lake trout, weighing up to 102 pounds and averaging at about fifty feet in length.

-A fish with a similar design and disposition is the goliath tiger fish of Africa. It's almost just as big, the record being 154 pounds, and has some major sets of teeth to rip smaller animals to shreds. They have been reported to attack people too, with some even seeing it as an evil spirit known as the mbenga.

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This boat, now a relic to madness.

Catch of the Decade.

"Let me in! I wanna be part of the group!"
Wait, those are the idiots! Ignore us!

"Check out my new fin!"