“Sea Stinger”

Films: Amphibious (2010)

Alias: Mixopterus

Type: Mystical

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: Twice that of an average elephant.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The slave labor in Southeast Asia, or really anywhere, is NOTHING to ignore. It's a cruel and tasteless practice that ignores all the progress we have made as a species in favor of forcing innocents to work so some don't have to. Naturally, said slaves end up quite resentful of this life, and you'd be surprised at what they will be willing to do to see their owners PAY...

History: Somewhere off the coast of Singapore, a bunch of smugglers have taken a little girl in as their slave. Though some foreigners take notice while at the smugglers' illegal fishing boat, it doesn't stop the girl from wanting to see her captors dead. So, she turns to ancient blood magic to summon Angkara Murka, a monstrous sea scorpion with a form not unlike the Silurian predators of old. Now bonded to the creature, the girl pretty much unleashes it upon everyone on the boat, though even she begins to realize that there is no stopping the monster as it goes on rampage, tearing the boat and its owners apart piece by piece.

Notable Kills: Its stinger goes up someone while they're on the can, a person stumbles onto a wheel and gets impaled after it sprays him with poison, and it impales a guy as they're being set on fire.

Final Fate: After killing almost everyone on the boat, Angkara Murka is finally taken down when its surrounded by fire, gets an eye poked out, and is stabbed by the girl with her ritual dagger in the exact place where it got struck in the head with an axe. However, there are other children living in poverty who would like to summon the creature’s brethren, and soon, at least one home is crawling with little demon scorpion babies...

Powers/Abilities: An incredibly resilient exoskeleton, as well as the ability to transfer its pain onto whomever summoned it. It can also recover from near-fatal injuries with some time, and its venomous stinger tail can spray said venom from afar to melt the flesh off bone.

Weakness: Its soft spots, them being the eyes and the gills. It is also adverse to fire, and heavy-enough weapons can pierce the hide. Just be sure you hit there again to finish the job.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Some average CGI keeps this beast from being truly great, but for what it's worth, they did a pretty good job with the slightly above average computer effects and impressive props. Indeed, this gigantic scorpion is a true juggernaut of the seas, capable of taking you out with sheer brute force or slow agonizing death by venom. No one without adequate weaponry could possibly last more than five minutes with this thing.

Trivia: -Angkara Murka’s name roughly translates to "Anger and wrath" in Indonesian.

-Although this creature is described as a part of the Mixopterus genus of sea scorpions, it bears no real resemblance to the stinger-less creatures. If there is one Silurian predator it looks and acts like, it would be Brontoscorpio. It was about as big as a dog, had a stinger as big as your fist, and was thought to be equally as amphibious, though that last bit is somewhat contested as to what they would do in the water. A theory is that they molt there, but some think that it was a perfect hunting ground for them.

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