Films: Peter and the Colossus (2014)

Alias: None

Type: Unknown, possibly Natural

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of a large building.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: The theme of "boy befriends monster" never seems to get old, now does it? Sure, the production values aren't much, but the message is nonetheless poignant.

History: Somewhere in Hawaii, a young boy named Peter is as socially distant as can be ever since the death of his parents. The fact that his older sister cares for him now doesn't help at all. But one day, while roaming the forest, he stumbles upon a massive tree-like colossus that takes a liking to him. Pretty soon, he's got a friend in the beast, but alas, it won't be long before his escapist times and reality come clashing.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The colossus comes to the town to protect Peter when his sister's abusive boyfriend goes too far. Unfortunately, said boyfriend sets the being on fire with a Molotov before being swatted away. Before it dies, it gives Peter a seed that may one day become another colossus.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Fire.

Scariness Factor: 2-This colossus is...eerie, to say the least, in terms of design, but it's horribly greenscreened into the film, and ultimately, it only harms those who hurt its friends. Other than that, one of the friendlier giants around.

Trivia: -On the subject of Hawaiian myths regarding the Earth, the colossus could have some connections to Papahanaumoku, or simply Papa, the literal Earth Mother, and Hawaiian Goddess of all life. She is mostly worshipped by women as a being of fertility and healing.

-Really, across all cultures, most deities related to trees are female in origin, presumably to represent their life-giving properties. It is possible that the colossus is also female because of this, but there is no confirmation.

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Count the rings...not enough for the thing's age, I bet.
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