“The eye's had it three times over”

Films: Triclops (2016)

Alias: Triclops (Glenn Edwards), beetle-bat, rat-bats, mutant Ankylosaurid, giant crickets, giant scorpion, giant louse, giant burrowing insect

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest/Cave/Desert/Underground

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average rats to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Back in the 50s, we paid a visit to a canyon in Mexico that contained lots of animals ballooned in size, as well as a horribly mutated giant with one eye. But now, we head to a similar location. Think of it as the Australia of weird radioactive canyons. As in, everything is ten times worse in the wilderness.

History: One day, a man named Glenn Edwards crashed his jet into the Amarok Crater, a mysterious location with a giant glowing green orb at the center. It was highly radioactive, and when he touched it, he didn't return. Soon, a bunch of guys led by his fiance head to the crater to find answers. What they don't know is that it has become an ecological Hellhole, with all sorts of unlikely creatures all out for their blood. Top of the heap is the Triclops, which is supposedly a mutated Glenn.

Notable Kills: Triclops kills a mutated Ankylosaurid by ripping off its horn and stabbing its throat with it.

Final Fate: Just about every animal the group encounters is killed by either gunfire or the Triclops. The titular monster gets doused in flames and has one of his eyes shot out, leaving him in pain as the place blows up from volcanic activity. While no human dies, the monstrous burrowing insect they just encountered is shown to have survived...

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-The stop-motion monsters are quite diverse and unnerving at times, but they're so poorly integrated into the real world that it's hard to completely take them seriously. But that's the price this film pays for not being made in some time like the 50s or even 70s, as much as it likes to pay homage. The cringeworthy rat-bats get the worst of the effects, but the Triclops himself has it pretty bad too. It's so obvious that it's a guy in a suit.

Trivia: -In case you didn't notice, Glenn's name is a clear reference to Glenn Manning, the giant protagonist/antagonist of "The Amazing Colossal Man" and "War of the Colossal Beast".

-Actually, this could be considered an unofficial remake of "The Cyclops", considering the near-identical plotline.

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Clearly, getting a leash on this world, Triclops, would be a better option.

A Spongebob monster refugee?

The Butt-Face Spider: An Evolutionary Mistake.

His tribue to the Gods of B-movies.
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Quick! Annoy it to death!

Look up grubs and they start being less cute.

Leftovers from the Giant Ape's lost world?


"Look at me..."
"We're the rats! We're the r-MMRPHHAAAAAGH!"

Why the Triclops isn't allowed to garden.
His eyes are up there AND down there.

We'll be right back...

When a rhino and ceratopsian get it on...

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To all monster lovers, don't be afraid to tell your man to clean up.

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