Films: Megaconda (2010)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Forest/Desert

Height/Weight: That of an average truck.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The killer snake genre can only handle so many cheaply-made serpents slithering around the place. We've seen them small, large, ginormous, the works. Now, we have one that's...honestly not at all that deserving of being anything "mega".

History: After a volcano erupts in South America, it awakens something rather ancient and angry. This is the Megaconda, and it's hungry. Naturally, it becomes something of a nuisance for the area, seeing how so many are dying and being eaten. Thus, the Megaconda is pitted against all we have to offer. And somehow, it outlasts us at every turn.

Notable Kills: Sends a helicopter into a collision with a rocky surface after gripping it with its mouth for half a second.

Final Fate: After all else fails, the Megaconda is finally taken out when it's fed some bombs, as well as surrounded by them. A chunk gets blasted off of it, then another, until a final explosion rips it in half. However, a second eruption runs the risk of awakening another...

Powers/Abilities: An insanely durable hide, as well as the ability to go subterranean.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-If it weren’t for its great size and power, this thing would be far lower. That CGI is bad even by the standards of Syfy. Not once does it look like it's actually there, and the ways all weaponry fails against it just come off as silly and inept. There are plenty of giant snakes out there. This just ain't it.

Trivia: -There actually is a cryptid known as the Megaconda. Known also as the Matatoro (bull killer), this snake is the subject of several sightings that claim to have involved an oversized anaconda attacking large livestock. Supposedly, a giant was found in 1948, but since then, the big Amazonian snakes have not been seen.

-This film was directed by Christopher Ray, a notorious director of Syfy schlock who had also done the equally cheap 2009 film adaptation of "Reptisaurus".

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Seconds before the movie just ends there.

Think he saw the caption on the first poster?

Why nobody goes hiking anymore.
Jormungandr's feral cousin.

Attack of the Killer Anaconda-Doll!

"Mind if I have a drink too? I've been slithering out here for days."