“A new century is hatching”

Films: The Millennium Bug (2011)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of a large building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When the 2000s started, there was a mild bit of panic regarding the state of technology that wouldn’t be out of place in a planning session for the Mayan Calendar all those centuries ago. But perhaps the threat of the new millennium wasn't a virus. What if the feared Millennium Bug was, indeed, a bug? A BIG one.

History: In order to escape the threat of the supposed Millennium Bug virus, a few youngsters find themselves in the hidden forests of Sierra Diablos. Much to their horror, they find that they've stumbled into the turf of a family of killer hillbillies intent on making their stay permanent. But that's not the worst of it. You see, there actually is a Millennium Bug. It just so happens to be a kaiju-sized monster that rises every ten centuries or so to lay eggs and cause general mayhem around the area. Both the sane and insane soon find that their priorities should probably revolve more around surviving the coming of this horror than killing each other. But alas, that's clearly not always the case.

Notable Kills: We see one person chewed up by this thing's many fangs.

Final Fate: After killing just about everyone, the Millennium Bug is put into a much more permanent rest after an explosive within its mouth is detonated. Its corpse is set on fire for good measure. However, below the ground, its eggs have begun to hatch, and they're already starting to feed on people...

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Calling this thing horrifying would be a grave understatement. It looks like a gigantic cross between a fly and a demonic wooly mammoth, it's constantly leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake, and it has quite possibly the most unnerving roar/scream of all insectoid beasts. It's a blessing that it's not unkillable, but that doesn't make getting assaulted by it any better.

Trivia: -The ACTUAL Millennium Bug, also known as the Y2K Problem, was an incident right at the beginning of 2000 in which several computer programs found themselves unable to process anything with the number 2000 as a year. The mass correction led to slight hacking hysteria and tons of time devoted by corporations to fixing it all. It was rather embarrassing, all things considered.

-This film was done in the Los Padres National Forest in California.

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