Films: Pitchfork (2016)

Alias: Ben Holister Jr.

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: A classical archetype of villains, especially old ones, was that they had a limb missing, usually a hand. They would often replace those with a sharp object, like a hook. Most of the time, we think of pirates. But serial killers are also up to the task.

History: The Hollister family was a horrible, incestuous pair of farmers with a son they treated more like a pet. That is, their son Ben Jr., who got his hand cut off by them at one point, and had to replace it with a rusty pitchfork. Reduced to a feral state, Pitchfork killed anyone who dared to enter the barn he was locked up in. Not the best news for a bunch of partygoers...

Notable Kills: The fishhook trap, his barb wire cross torture, and, well, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: After nearly everyone is killed, Pitchfork turns on his family, biting a chunk out of his mother's neck. The survivors seem to put him out of his misery by hanging him on a tree with a chain, but he escapes...only to be subdued by one of the survivor's words to sit and kill. Whether she meant for him to kill them or himself is unknown...

Powers/Abilities: Despite his primal nature, Pitchfork is intelligent enough to create some crafty traps. He also has his pitchfork at the ready, and is amazingly durable.

Weakness: Certain words/jingles put him in a trance, especially if its people he's deemed to be superior to him.

Scariness Factor: 4-Some weird sound effects can be jarring for him, but aside from that, Pitchfork is a wild animal in the body of a mutilated human. Sure, he's quite sympathetic at times (just look at him try to mingle with some of his corpses in a broken attempt at socializing), but more times than not, he's a danger to himself and others. Others especially.

Trivia: -Director Glenn Douglas made sure that most of the cast did not meet Pitchfork's actor, Daniel Wilkinson, until during their deaths scenes. Interesting method acting right there.

-This film was done at Douglas' childhood home. Specifically, Packard Farms, Michigan.

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