Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral



Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate:

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor:


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Image Gallery

They eat garbage for one thing.

Micheal Bay got himself a shark!

And they said the Jaws prop was the end of it.
Was it ever flipped?

Swimming for the sake of TP.

Those teeth ended up in a pretty bad place. Apart from, well, anywhere on his body.
Why bother hiding it? It's just shark.

Why stop when you can bring your buddies to ravage new territory.

Nuzzle, nuzzle, nudge, nudge!
"This is for Jaws IV, you twats!"

Or a supermarket. By the way, jaws in the mirror are closer they appear.

"Jokes on you! Shark brains are considerably smaller! Wait..."