“Saucers on legs”

Films: A.I Assault (2006)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Desert/Forest

Height/Weight: That of small helicopters.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Word to the wise for those who want to make robots. If you want to give your bots weapons, be sure to add the stuff that lets you control them first instead of, say, the other way around. You're just asking for trouble otherwise.

History: A bunch of drones built specifically for combat are being transported to where they will get the programming required to truly control them so that they stop trying to kill everything. But they go berserk mid-flight, and cause their plane to crash-land in an isolated pacific island. Bad news for some folks who are there as well. Now, the drones are working to kill everyone they meet, getting smarter and smarter as they do.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Whatever plan the robots had is thwarted when they are all taken out, the last of which by a collapsed electrocuted radio tower.

Powers/Abilities: Vaporizing laser beams, insane durability, and a compact storage at the "mouth" full of weapons such as a harpoon and saw blades.

Weakness: Heavy artillery and electricity.

Scariness Factor: 3-Seeing these elephant-sized tripods go out and about killing everything isn't something to scoff at, especially with how resilient and intelligent they are, to the point where they can build their own machines. The trouble is that the CGI is more befitting of a PS2 game.

Trivia: -Actor Robert Picardo has gone on record saying that this film is the one he'd rather forget.

-This film was mostly known simply as "Shockwave".

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Structured to look cheap.

That "pot-brownie" virus is taking effect.
No, Skynet. Wrong franchise.

Rip and tear, is the new program.

"This is our getaway vehicle?! Talk about cramped!"
"Oil change NOW."