“Go get stoned”

Films: Basilisk-The Serpent King (2006)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Desert/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Three times that of an anaconda.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Ancient snakes don't just come in the typical "regular serpent ballooned up in size" variety. Serpents have been around since the beginning of civilization when it comes to mythology. And most of the time, they are among the most tenacious and deadliest of monsters. After all, like all reptiles, they are not too far off from dragons. But this is no dragon. It's more like a demon...

History: Long ago in ancient Libya, a brave band of folks imprisoned a monstrous basilisk at the cost of their own lives. But soon, archaeologists both found the petrified monster and the Eye of Medusa, the instrument of its downfall. Cue a solar eclipse that works in tandem with both the statue and the Eye. Now the beast is back, and ready to rampage across the city while the humans play keep-away with the staff containing the Eye.

Notable Kills: The b*tch responsible for hoarding the staff gets a rather unflattering strip from the monster before being bit in half.

Final Fate: Because there are no eclipses anytime soon, the Eye is ineffective against the basilisk. So instead, it's lured into a factory where it gets forced into a vat of liquid nitrogen. The result is a more permanent basilisk statue.

Powers/Abilities: The basilisk first sprays people with a paralyzing venom before turning its gaze into a deep azure blue, turning the sprayed one into stone. The beast is also immune to all weaponry.

Weakness: Just as the solar eclipse and the Eye of Medusa can bring it back, they too can petrify it. However, extreme cold also works.

Scariness Factor: 3-The CGI is rather bad, especially when it interacts with anything not digital, but everything else isn't. While this basilisk won't be winning any effects awards, it does have an interesting design reminiscent of centipedes, and its powers are not to be questioned. Those who defeated it had to pull all the stops to prevent catastrophe. It also has a hankering for nachos, so that's cute.

Trivia: -In mythology, the basilisk is often sited to be the true king of all snakes, with many speculating that encounters with spitting cobras inspired it. More times than not, it is compared to the cockatrice due to them having similar powers and even appearances at times.

-In Greek mythology, Libya is the name of a woman born from a Demigod who got knocked up by Poseidon and had children of her own. One of the lands surrounding Greece is named after her.

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