“Worse than microtransactions”

Films: Stay Alive (2006)

Alias: Elizabeth Bathory

Type: Man-Made

Location: Eldritch location

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Careful, history buffs. Your obsession with the many wonders of the past should, like a lot of things, have limits, one way or another. Among those limits should be that no matter how engrossed you get with the less than savory icons of yesterday, don't try and find ways to bring them back.

History: One day, a video game designer obsessed with the infamous Elizabeth Bathory decided to make a game in her honor. The game, "Stay Alive", is a fairly standard first/third person shooter, but with a catch. For the game has awakened Elizabeth, or the Blood Countess as she is known in the game, from her tomb below the Gerouge Plantation. Now when people die in the game, they die the exact same way in real life! And there are no pause options that work, either...

Notable Kills: A particular deathtrap, one that splits the skull in half, manifests in real life out of nowhere in a police car. Gore ensues.

Final Fate: Eventually, Bathory is confronted as the final boss. After hammering three nails into her body, our heroes vanquish her spirit by setting the room on fire with her in it. They might have survived the trial this game has made, but now there are hundreds about to buy the game. It will truly be a survival of the fittest.

Powers/Abilities: Bathory is eternal, and can spell your demise in the same way you died in the game.

Weakness: Hammering three nails into her heart will destroy her physical body, but her spirit can only be quelled in fire. She also hates seeing her reflection due to how it reminds her that beauty is fleeting.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Some effects involving her and her powers may appear to be iffy, but the Blood Countess makes up for it in that once you die in her game, there's nowhere to hide. You are going to die, and it is most likely going to be a very painful and torturous death.

Trivia: -The actual Elizabeth Bathory was indeed a vicious killer back when the Kingdom of Hungary was still a thing. Despite being part of a noble-blooded family, Elizabeth was said to have killed over 650 people with some possible help, and many accused her of drinking/bathing in blood to retain her youth.

-This film was torn apart by executive meddling. From shortened kills to a forced PG-13 rating, things didn't exactly turn out how the director wanted in the end.

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