“Check your Funny Bone”

Films: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001)

Alias: The Lost Skeleton, Animala, the Mutant

Type: Mutant (Mutant), Man-Made (Animala), Mystical (Skeleton)

Location: Desert/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good (Mutant), Evil (the rest)

Summary: You ever feel nostalgic for those old 50s-style b-movies that took themselves way too seriously in spite of all their ridiculousness? Well, so do a lot of people apparently. And this is the end result.

History: Deep within, where else, Bronson Caves, there lies the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, a cursed bunch of bones that could rain doom upon civilization if left to its own devices. But he needs a source of power to do anything. Luck was on his side when a meteorite containing ultra-rare atmosphereum drops into the area. But now, we have three parties going after it. First, there's a scientific scientist out for science who's teamed up with a pair of aliens looking to use the material to repair their ship. Then there's a mad scientist whose used alien tech to make several different animals into the voluptuous Animala, and wants to use the skeleton to give himself power. And finally, there's the Mutant whose broken out of his alien master's confines, and has a thing for Earthly women.

Notable Kills: The skeleton strangling the evil scientist. It's as ridiculous as everything else.

Final Fate: As the Skeleton prepares to take his evil reign further, the Mutant is led into attacking him. After a "fight", the Mutant tosses the skeleton off a cliff, where he shatters into pieces despite saying that he'll return one day. The Mutant expires, Animala is divided back into the animals who made her, and the aliens receive their atmosphereum.

Powers/Abilities: The skeleton has a host of psychic powers, most notably mind control.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-Oh sure, the skeleton is a bit unnerving, but everything and everyone in this film is too cheesy and funny to take seriously. From the always badmouthing flimsy skeleton to the absolutely pathetic looking mutant. Even Animala is too silly with her actions to be considered a threat.

Trivia: -This film did get a sequel known as "The Lost Skeleton Returns Again" was released in 2009, but another one, "The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us", has yet to be finished.

-The skeleton was voiced by this film's writer and the scientist's actor, Larry Blamire.

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Oh, the nostalgia...

"It's because I'm black and white, isn't it? Wait..."
What? The mutant or the skeleton?

"Could somebody check for tarantulas making a home out of my hollowed out chest?"

When you have to take care of your irritable long-lived uncle.
Imagine if she got the genes of more insects and fish than mammals.

He just saw Sans/Papyrus porn.