“Arthropods, but who's caring?”

Films: Insecticidal (2005)

Alias: Giant five-horned rhinoceros beetle, giant mantis, giant leeches, maggots, giant stag beetle, giant tarantula, giant scorpion

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of average maggots to that twice that of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: There's an entomologist in all of us. We just need to know where to look. But don't let your live bug collection get in the way of your social life. Because chances are your dumbass friends will find ways to screw it all up...in ways they could never imagine.

History: Cami was a reclusive college girl obsessed with arthropods to the point of keeping several species of them. But the rest of her sorority did not approve, and had them all sprayed with pesticides. But Cami had been experimenting on the creatures, so the spay did not kill them. It only made them rather gigantic for the most part. That, or just very powerful. Either way, the sorority house became a bug house.

Notable Kills: The scorpion reenacts the famous "Psycho" shower scene with only its stinger.

Final Fate: The stag beetle is pounded to death, the tarantula and the scorpion are electrocuted, the rhinoceros beetle is gored by a blender, and the mantis is stabbed to death. As for the maggot-infested girl, she was electrocuted to death after a guy dropped a bug zapper into a pool. However, there are apparently more than one maggot-infested...it's just that they aren't that harmful, and just shamble about with hardly a care in the world.

Powers/Abilities: He/she who is infested with maggots can bark orders at the other giants, and they will comply.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-A plentiful and diverse group of invertebrate killers is sadly at the business end of CGI that even the Syfy channel would find appalling. Also, the stag beetle and even the mantis are oddly adorable with the former acting almost like a insect puppy and the latter having a Muppet-like face.

Trivia: -All of the beetles have no reason to attack the humans (or meat lovers pizza for that matter), seeing as how both species shown are mostly vegetarians in real life.

-At one point, Cami points out that praying mantises can see better than any human can. This is quite true, and not just because they have compound eyes like all other bugs. It is also because if you look closely, you will see three smaller eyes on their foreheads meant for seeing light.

Image Gallery

Another major is how to romance giant insects like this.

Kermit the frog?!

The first giant Stag Beetle and this is what he gets.

If anyone played Deadly Creatures, you'd geek out on this.

"Can't you see I'm trying to tell you I love you?"

"America? It killed my mother in the 50s!"
Is there anyplace to move when the moon is literally a giant mantis head?

The wrong version of face-time.

A love story that should have been the film itself.

Don't tarantulas leave less of a mess?

With Flowey-esque teeth, they will!

Turtles aren't the only animals that love pizza.

Cathy's curse?

This guy shows up in the showers often. You don't think...?

No light. No place to run.

"HEY! I'm crawlin' here!"