“The Ultra Battle to end all Ultra Bat”

Films: Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie (2009)

Alias: EVERY SINGLE KAIJU BEFOREHAND THAT THEY COULD FIND (100 monster army, Beryudora), Ultraman Belial, Gomora, Litra

Type: All of them, Alien (Belial)

Location: Eldritch location/Civilized Area/Desert

Height/Weight: All over the place, but Beryudora is over 4000 meters tall and an indescribable amount of metric tons big.

Affiliation: Good (Gomora and Litra), Evil (the rest)

Summary: This is it. This is what we've been building up to for the past nine years of almost annual Ultra movies. A film that decides to go all out and unleash every single Ultraman and kaiju we've ever seen for varying amounts of screen time. And it all starts with the one Ultraman that was truly evil...

History: The Ultramen come from another world known as the Land of Light, and among them were the Ultras of the brave Space Garrison. One in the Garrison, Belial, was an Ultra of great pride and ambition, but as people rose above him in the ranks, he became consumed by jealousy, and attempted to siphon power from the Plasma Spark, the source of all Ultra transportation and power. Alas, it backfired horribly, the great Ultraman King banished him, only for him to find power in the form of both fusing with Alien Rayblood, and acquiring the Giga Battle Nizer, which allowed him to summon up to 100 monsters for a fight known as the Belial Revolt. Then he got imprisoned again by King in the Land of Light's moon. But after all of that time, Alien Zarab broke him out, only to get killed for the effort. Now, Belial is back to summon another monster army. But wait! All of the Ultramen we've come to know and love are here to stop him! And what's this? A kaiju is here to help too! It is Gomora, one of the most powerful Earth-born kaiju around! Okay, it's a Gomora owned by a human (this franchise dabbled in people obtaining ways to summon kaiju, get used to it), but he's still awesome! And so is his possible mate, Litra, for the effort!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Eventually, after many of the monsters are defeated, Belial has a final showdown with the remaining Ultras and EX Gomora, led by Ultraman Zero, at the Monster Graveyard. Zero tosses the evil Ultraman into the lava...only for him to resurrect all the monsters and form the dreaded Beryudora! Thankfully, some tampering with the Giga Battle Nizer and all the good guys' combined powers obliterate the abomination, and Belial is sent flying elsewhere. However, he promises that he will return, but that is a story for another day...

Powers/Abilities: Belial has the Giga Battle Nizer, which can resurrect dead kaiju, and functions as an efficient electric baton, energy ball blaster, and laser gun. All of his minions can do what they did in life, but as Beryudora, they can fire inferno eye lasers, launch the Gigant Fist, and use the forehead Death Buster. Gomora has everything he already did, but with enough power, he can become EX Gomora, which can fire the EX Super Oscillatory Wave from his chest.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power. Also, if the Giga Battle Nizer is tampered with while Beryudora is active, the monsters that make up it will revolt.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Ultraman Belial may look like your typical generic anime doomsday villain, but he's got the power to back it all up. How many do you know who can bring back every single kaiju the Ultramen have ever fought (well, most of them, anyway) and still have time to kick ass for themselves? Not only that, but Beryudora is TERRIFYING, being a festering combination of all the kaiju, who are clearly in pain by the way, and giving off a presence seen only by Chernabog from "Fantasia". However, at least we have Gomora and friends, the former of which is a complete champion when it comes to kaiju tussle!

Trivia: -As one might guess, this was far from the only appearance Belial would ever make. From here on out, he became a recurring villain in the following series, to the point where some might think he's the villain of the whole franchise, period. Of course, few things can top his role in "Ultraman Geed", in which his DNA was used to make the titular Ultraman, making him a sort-of father (not that Geed or anyone else appreciated it).

-For those wondering, Gomora is one of the most popular of the Ultraman kaiju, mainly due to how in his debut episode, "The Monster Prince", he actually defeated the original Ultraman during their first battle. The Galaxy series is the first time he has been firmly on the Ultras' side.

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Zetton getting the boys back together.

This is why Belial should have learned the value of teamwork.
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"I speak LOOOOOUD! And I carry a BIIIIIGER stick! And I use it too!"

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The terror of Puppetry comes to life!

"You came to the wrong Graveyard, Ultraman!"

"Hellfire! DARK FIRE!"
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"Gamora! I want to finally tell you that I have bigger feelings for you than Eleking! Who's also dead...my bad."