“Cold, cold heart”

Films: Cold Prey (2006), Cold Prey 2: Resurrection (2008), Cold Prey 3 (2010)

Alias: Gunnar Gier Olav Brath, the Mountain Man

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted home/Tundra/Mountains/Civilized Area/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: No matter what the temperature, scorched desert or frozen tundra, danger remains. It comes in all forms, be it animal or human. In this case, it was human...or at least, something close to human in terms of mind.

History: Long ago, little Gunnar Gier Olav Brath was stillborn, only to spring to life four hours after being considered dead. While his mother was an alright woman, his step-father was a monster, abusing him and locking him in the basement all the time, but the final straw was when he tried to escape, only for his father to catch and bury him deep within the snow. Enraged, the young man killed both his parents and was adopted by hermits, learning the way of the hunt. But this lead to an unquenchable bloodlust, and now Gunnar the Mountain Man stalks anyone who ventures too close to his old home, killing them and sending their corpses into a large glacier ravine.

Notable Kills: Used a guy as a human shield, and beat a woman to death with a fire extinguisher.

Final Fate: At first, he's impaled by his own pickaxe, and sent to a hospital. But he recovers quickly, and resumes his rampage before being killed for good via pickaxe impalement and shotgun to the face.

Powers/Abilities: Amazing regenerative ability.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though you'd best try everything at once to make sure. Also, revealing his large facial birth mark throws him off.

Scariness Factor: 4-A violent survivor out in nature. Yes, we've seen it before. But we haven't seen a guy draped in animal skins, mountain gear, and some oddly unsettling facial hair. Ol' Gunnar could have been one of the horror greats if he weren't mortal.

Trivia: -The Mountain Man’s domain is Jotunheimen, Norway. It is a large area named after the Norse realm of the Giants, and is home to Northern Europe's tallest mountains.

-Apparently, WWE Studios owns the rights to remake the first film. Pray that they don't. Unless they plan on Giants being involved. Cause you know, Jotunheimen?

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They look like stars and they're definitely not ready for this.

"What's a Luchadore again?"

You got to a hospital to forget bad things. Not endure them again!

Even they don't want this movie.
Sorry. We just got through killer underground creatures.

Together in death. That's the best fate around here.

Can we get menaced by yetis instead?

The only blood on her hands will be that which was better left spilled.

Throwing your murder weapons into the stream? Have some pride!
He's got a lot of sins to carry and he's fine with it.

"My weapon! Screw you, victim!"

You want The Coldest? Try visiting an enemy lawyer.

Uh...nice bunk?