“Fear the dark below”

Films: The Descent (2005), The Descent Part 2 (2007)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Underground

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: If cave spelunking is your idea of a good time, no one's stopping you. Well, except for the claustrophobia, the all-consuming darkness, the possibility of cave-ins, and...that's it. Oh, also try to avoid the cannibalistic race of humanoid monsters lying in wait when you get to the bottom.

History: Living deep below the ground in cave systems untouched by man, there live the Crawlers, an evolutionary off-shoot of mankind that exists to answer the question, "what if our primitive ancestors never left the caves". These creatures are feral, savage monsters, waiting for unsuspecting explorers to find them so that they may descend upon them and devour them. That, or they just wait for all light above to cease so that they can take away victims and store for later.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Alas, the Crawlers remain in their squalid lair, waiting for more people to come and meet their demise. They may have suffered some losses due to the recent visitors, but they show no sign of depleting in population any time soon.

Powers/Abilities: Crawlers have excellent hearing, and get their name from how they can climb on walls. They are also quite intelligent, showing clear signs of mourning their dead and having made a restroom for their community.

Weakness: They are completely blind, and hate any light source.

Scariness Factor: 4-The worst part about the Crawlers is that they are entirely plausible creatures that could have very much existed in real life if evolution decided it. These bloodthirsty fanged cannibals are relentless in the hunt, and have made their home in a place where escape is many times harder than entry. Do yourself a favor, and leave the spelunking to armed folks if this is what to expect.

Trivia: -Oddly, one of the things found in the cave is the wolf prop from "Dog Soldiers", which was also done by this film's director, Neil Marshall. Either it was just a simple in-joke, or the Crawlers face nightly competition from werewolves...or perhaps neighborly tolerance. Could be anything.

-If you want an idea of just how scary the Crawlers are, we'll have you know that they were a terror on set as well! In short, Marshall wanted the main actresses to not see the beasts until they were required for filming in order to make the surprise genuine, but upon their reveal, all the women ran away screaming and hiding. Even when the heat died down, the women hated being near the creatures on and off set.

Image Gallery

Or what will BECOME your deepest fear.

"Cappie! Don't forget me!"

She just realized that's not just blood...

A Crawler in its natural habitat.

Fair enough, but...here we go again.


Most disturbing cheerleader pose ever.

"Sigh...we're all gonna die."

All that was left...

"Hey, what are we looking at?"

Get ready to wade through the equivalent of yellow snow.

Pretty spacious for a death trap of humanoid horrors.

The light to freedom might just be an overly large crystal.

Pray the back-breakage there kills her before they do.


The Crawler God is being awfully lenient about them walking all over his aching back.


It's his first time seeing a girl in ages. Try to be kind.

"I knew these human arms would make for great advertising!"

"You know that's how we kill you, right?"

"What do you want? A cookie with entrails in it?"