“Spider-ing out of control”

Films: Creepies (2003), Creepies 2 (2005)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Up to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaing on Evil

Summary: I see giant spider movies everywhere!!! And somehow, against all realms of possibility, they find more ways to make them more and more insane than whatever proceeded them. Ladies and gents, we present Creepies, something that could only be conceived while on acid and who knows what else.

History: Created by the government as perfect bio-weapons, the horde of mutant spiders known as the Creepies immediately rebelled due to us being good food, good egg incubators, and deserving of death for our terrible taste in music apparently. As the smaller spiders attacked the people and occasionally infected them with were-spider venom, the others grew bigger, and became threats to the city at large.

Notable Kills: Some impregnated corpses are more mangled and deformed than others.

Final Fate: The first wave of Creepies is ended when Los Angeles gets bombed. The next was confronted by Mecha-Destructor, which is basically a cheaper Mechagodzilla. In the end, explosions were utilized once more to defeat the spidery menace. Hey, if it worked the first time, why not do it again?

Powers/Abilities: Creepies do not stop growing, and some develop cunning intelligence to boot. They can also fire sticky web, and if their prey is left alive after being bitten, they run the risk of becoming hideous man/spider hybrids.

Weakness: Anything conventional for the smaller ones, but the bigger ones require heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 2-Some disgusting body horror to the side, these creatures embody the very worst of special effects. Floppy props, Z-grade CGI, stiff puppets, the list goes on and on. It only makes sense that things just keep going so flamboyantly off the rails in both films. Otherwise, we would have brushed this one off like a real spider. Except we'd be more careful with those instead of these abominations.

Trivia: -The first film has the dubious honor of starring Ron Jeremy, one of the most notorious male porn stars in history.

-Both films were directed by Jeff Leroy, who seems to delight in directing either shameless rip-offs and/or sexually implicit content.

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And it is HIDEOUS!

What happens in Vegas blows up in Vegas.
Uh...do you not notice the spiders all over you?

A match-up we didn't know we wanted.
This male spider finally gets his due.

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