“Fanaticism runs deep”

Films: Dagon (2001)

Alias: Various, notably Uxia and the Deep Ones

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Once again, Hollywood takes a stab at the fantastically insane works of famed racist lunatic, H.P. Lovecraft. And this time, one of his most terrifying part of the Cthulhu Mythos is unveiled. That of Dagon, and the horrible brood he gave rise to.

History: In the quiet fishing village of Imboca, the people were desperate to have better bounty, so they quit worshiping God and turned to the malevolent sea God known as Dagon. Turns out, it worked, with not only fish, but gold coming from the sea. But in exchange, Dagon demanded worship, blood sacrifice, and women to mate with. Not only that, but just about everyone in Imboca became imbued with his power, and became hideous half-fish monstrosities. Top of the heap is Uxia, one of Dagon's most recent daughters. And now, a bunch of people, including average joe Paul Marsh, have been shipwrecked here. Uh oh...

Notable Kills: The last purely human Imbocan is skinned alive by the folk. SLOWLY.

Final Fate: After losing everything, including his girlfriend being fed to Dagon himself, Paul is told that he is actually Uxia's brother, and they must mate to continue Dagon's legacy. One failed suicide later, Paul ends up following his new mate into a dark cave, and the cycle continues...

Powers/Abilities: All of Dagon's followers are immortal, and most of them can use convincing human disguises.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The CGI does NOT do any of these hideous beings any justice. While the "mermaids" of this film, Uxia included, are conventionally hot in a weird sort of way, the rest are oceanic nightmares, particularly the ones derived from sharks and squids. Sadly, it seems that no one back in 2001 could animate tentacles very convincingly.

Trivia: -In the original Cthulhu Mythos, Father Dagon rules over the fish-like Deep Ones alongside his mate, the equally hideous Mother Hydra. Ironically, the Mesopotamian deity he was named after was considered to be a lot more benevolent.

-In keeping with Lovecraft's frankly stunted social outlook, all of Dagon's culture, particularly the Deep One-infested town of Innsmouth, was presumably based off his horror of his grandmother being Welsh, as well as a bias against what he considered to be inbred communities.

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Dagon's trying to try out the whirlpool way of eating innocents.

The dagger that soon belongs in the scrapheap.

Cthulhu's loser cousin just had to arrive.

The terror of Dagon in all his CGI glory!
It is going to be VERY dark soon...

Pray for them? Not on your life!

"Wait, what am I looking at again?"
They're waiting...and they can wait longer...

Among many more sea gods in Lovecraft's twisted mind.

Eh. I can dig that.

All because the author was afraid of Welsh people.

Cthulhu's kind just has to come and crash the party.