“1,000 Ways to Die”

Films: Final Destination (2000), Final Destination 2 (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006), The Final Destination (2009), Final Destination 5 (2011)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Everywhere

Height/Weight: Indescribable.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: No matter who or what you are, death comes to all. Fear it, run from it, deny it, destiny nonetheless arrives. But there are those who truly think they can outsmart it. These are the unlucky ones. For no matter what form it takes, death will take you, sometimes in some of the worst ways.

History: Every time it happens, it's always the same. A group of people receive a deadly premonition foreshadowing their deaths in a collective incident. They escape the potential demise, but fate doesn't take kindly to being cheated. So one by one, the people are killed in horrific accidents that range from the rather stupid to some of the most elaborately awful ways to die ever put to film. Even more complicated, the specter of death has a herald in the form of local mortician William Bludworth, who's best advice is this...no one can stop death.

Notable Kills: OOOHHHHHHH....accidental strangulation in the bathtub, bus out of nowhere, impalement by computer glass/kitchen knife before the oven blows up the house, flying shrapnel semi-decapitation, crushed by a falling sign, eye impalement by falling escape ladder, crushed by plane of glass, elevator door decapitation, flying barbed wire, failure to operate a BBQ grill, double-burning by malfunctioning tanning bed, head destruction by flying car motor, two weights sandwiching a guy's head, nail gun headshots, impalement by flag pole, halved by a falling crane, slammed from the back by a flying tire, getting dragged across the road by a ready-to-explode tow truck blaring "Why Can't We be Friends" while set on fire after trying to burn a cross (our personal favorite), eyeshot by lawnmower-propelled rock, launched into a fence by a gas tank with enough force to blow open the body, intestines sucked out by the water intake, crushed by falling filled bathtub, smashed into the wall by a truck, THAT gym scene (don't even try to google it if you want to sleep well), crushed by falling Buddha statue, head trauma by flying wrench, crushed by falling plane gear...just...HOLY SH*T!

Final Fate: If you're done picking your jaw up off the floor, you'll find that ultimately, no one can stop death. No matter how many times the forsaken try to find loopholes, they are all taken out. It's as Bludworth says...death doesn't like to be cheated.

Powers/Abilities: Invincibility and inevitability.

Weakness: None.

Scariness Factor: 5-This demonic version of Death almost makes you never want to listen to anyone warning about a disaster ever again, and who the Hell wants to live in that kind of paranoia?! Needless to say, death is everywhere, and it can come in the most outlandish of ways. Sure, some of these deaths are brought upon by sheer stupidity, but most of them you'll never see coming. For those of you out there, turn your fear of death into incentive to do what you can for fulfillment.

Trivia: -The specter of Death in this franchise did get something of a physical appearance in the tie-in comics, bearing a close resemblance to Stratos the wind titan from Disney's Hercules.

-Many people have compared this film franchise to the hit Spike TV series, "1,000 Ways to Die". The major difference is that the show mostly grounds its deaths in fact, and 98% of the victims are almost irredeemable a-holes.

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Here, this thing cheats you.

Not to the franchise, mind you, but...


There goes this franchise's rep.

"Could somebody get this thing out of me?"

Maybe the demon hates their lips?

You can't replicate terror twice, too.

Eh. I'd pay money to ride this.

Idiots! Nascar is supposed to be fatal for the drivers! Not jaywalkers!

Nor has it been stuffed with so much junk.

Because Death's taking a holiday! No, wrong movie.
Just when United Airlines couldn't get more evil.

Well, that's a compromise.

By unleashing the undead! No, that's being lazy.

Mothman's a bit late here.

And then the sky was opened...and promptly closed at this ludicrousness.

He's finally had enough of the work created by the usual drunk drivers/text drivers.

Remember everyone! Nascar was a mistake!

How scary...how the heck did you get up there to begin with?!