“Are you not entertained?! Neither are we.”

Films: Demonicus (2001)

Alias: Tyrannus

Type: Mystical

Location: Mountains/Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Gladiators were pretty much the pioneers of bloodsports. They either basked in glory or were cut down brutally by each other or their oftentimes tyrannical emperors. But at least one gladiator will not rest in peace. Not while there are some nice bodies to possess.

History: Long ago when the Roman empire was still a thing, Tyrannus was one of the most renowned gladiators of all. But at the same time, his bloodlust and practice of Etruscan black magic won him the nickname, "Demonicus". The people sealed him in a cave within the Italian Alps, and erected a victory pillar there to make it his tomb. But then a storm came and reduced it to ruins, leaving Demonicus' burial wide open. Naturally, some folks would come to it, and one became possessed by Demonicus' restless spirit. Now, the possessed teen is working to kill people in order to fuel the second coming of Demonicus...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After many are sacrificed, Demonicus rises again. However, it is very brief, as someone manages to remove his helmet, causing him to be reduced to mush. Another attempts to wear it, but is overcome with grief, and removes it just before being crushed by a statue that may or may not be there. The helmet remains, hopefully never to be picked up again...

Powers/Abilities: Has an assortment of weapons, such as swords, axes, and spike-filled fisticuffs. His helmet can also possess others with his spirit.

Weakness: Without the helmet, Demonicus is powerless.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-We'll give it this. Demonicus does look like an unsettling corpse capable of gratuitous murder. The problem is that he spends a lot of his time...well, dead. His possessed lackey does the dirty work, and there's something rather silly about seeing a scrawny teen decked in gladiator gear. Then again, he can still kill you horribly...

Trivia: -The version of this film released for DVD was the director's cut. It is six minutes longer, and has much different music too.

-One of the most recognized gladiators in history was Spartacus, a former slave who, after a successful gladiator career, became a major military leader in the Third Servile War. He's even mentioned in this film as Tyrannus' good counterpart.

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