“How to make a serial killer”

Films: Cry Wolf (2005)

Alias: The Wolf

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: What would happen if a few people neck-deep in horror movies got together to come up with their own fake serial killer? The answer may surprise you. It may also kill you.

History: Because they presumably had nothing better to do, some boarding school students decided to take some rumors of a murderer going around and turn it into a massive prank revolving around their very own serial killer, known as the Wolf. But while they spread fake fear throughout campus, a very real killer is going around using their template to kill all she knows. It's Dodger Allen, playing the kids for fools as payback for the journalist teacher cheating on her.

Notable Kills: Bon Jovi's character gets...all together now...SHOT THROUGHT THE HEART! AND WE'RE TO BLAME! SHE GAVE LOOOVE...a bad name!

Final Fate: After many are murdered and the teacher is wrongfully killed for the crimes, Dodger reveals herself to the kid who started this whole game in the first place to gloat about her success. Presumably, when all was said and done, she never killed again.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Dodger has the mind of a genius, but the motivation of a madwoman. Every aspect of her plan was basically hinging on absolute success, and she got it all. Her outfit may not blend in too well, but it's still a rather convincing slasher get-up.

Trivia: -Cry Wolf seems to be mainly based on elements of "Mafia", a popular game in which one side kills one of another side, typically "the innocents", and has them guess who to persecute based on scant info.

-In order for the main group in this film to be a believable group of friends, the cast was forced to bunk together at all times.

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Believe that marketing stunts don't always work.

So, Dodger's a robot?
This really wasn't a good idea when you look at that. Fits the Hell of High School well.

Your deception looms over you.

Cue people complaining about Millenials and their internet.

Send him to the Trump Agency to carry out that.