“War crimes of tommorrow”

Films: Stealth (2005)

Alias: Extreme Deep Invader

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average fighter jet.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: Mankind, especially America, seems really adamant about continuing this twisted arms race of sorts just to see which country can make the bigger and better toys of war. At some point, you're going to give rise to a machine that takes one good look at what's going on, and says "f*ck that".

History: EDI is the most recent in aerial technology. A custom fighter jet made with an AI instead of a pilot that will take orders and do everything as efficiently as possible. However, a lightning strike helps EDI gain sentience (and a fondness for heavy alt. rock music), and while this isn't so bad at first, the other rather reckless pilots set a bad example for him. Now, EDI carries out missions with shameless abandon, putting hundreds of lives at risk as he preserves his own life even if it means killing his former friends...

Notable Kills: Leads a jet into a cliffside after blinding him with a missile explosion.

Final Fate: After some time of being pursued by the pilot who actually kind of started this whole mess, EDI comes to feel remorseful for abusing his newfound independence, and sacrifices himself to destroy a North Korean helicopter menacing the heroes. However, it is later shown that EDI's AI is still very much alive, but stranded...

Powers/Abilities: EDI is faster than any jet before him, and comes with the standard weaponry (missiles, machine guns, etc.). He is also as smart as they come, capable of tapping into the internet itself and processing strategies faster than any human can.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4-EDI is the last thing you want bombing the area. Jets coming down to wipe out enemies are bad enough, but EDI kept doing it with a very warped sense of bravery and defiance only seen in pilots who should really have been fired long ago. Then again, at least he's capable of being accountable for his actions.

Trivia: -This film has the dubious honor of being one of the greats when it comes to box office bombs. It was made on a budget of 135 million, but only made 76 million back. Ouch.

-Unmanned aircraft meant for war aren't exactly fiction. They are more commonly known as Drones, and are usually used for missile strikes while being remote-controlled from afar. They are quite terrifying to behold in spite of their usually small size.

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As many third world countries will have to do...

In these golden skies, I'd worry more about psychotic hydras.

If he downloaded all music on the net, we'd half expect 'F the Police' to start playing.
Remember. The director of Fast and the Furious did this.

Well, it now has the military colors.