“A VR Nightmare”

Films: How to Make a Monster (2001)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made/Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Western video game development is, and let's be frank here, worse than it's ever been. So many things get rushed, people are underpaid, trying to suck as much money out of customers as possible feels like the norm, and it's all a mess. But any beleaguered game studio should be thankful that it never got THIS out of hand.

History: The newest game from Clayton Software, the hack-and-slash known as Evilution, just isn't tickling anyone's fancy. To remedy this, a few professionals are called in to make it as scary as possible. However, not only is the main businessman sparking a rivalry between them all, but a lighting strike causes their motion-capture suit to become self-aware. After taking two bodies so that it may move, the suit uses their frames as well as some random weapons and armor to help it bear a close resemblance to the game's final boss, a powerful demonic warrior. Now, convinced that the game is real, the suit is going around murdering everyone!

Notable Kills: It used its first two victims to make up its body. It ain't pretty.

Final Fate: After killing just about everyone, the beast is confronted by the last player in a sword duel that reflects events from the game. It ends with the brave woman smashing a fish tank, the released water causing the suit to short-circuit, fall over, and be left vulnerable to a final sword strike. The game does manage to sell well amongst the public, no murderous accidents in sight.

Powers/Abilities: The suit the creature is made from cannibalizes parts of both living and non-living things to become stronger and more mobile.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though short-circuiting it is your best bet.

Scariness Factor: 4-If this thing hadn't gotten all of that cool armor on, then it would look absolutely hideous, as we saw when this monstrosity sprung to life. Equal parts grotesque and badass, this demonic final boss looks like crap in the game, but a nightmare in reality.

Trivia: -The film this one shares its title with had a slightly different premise. That 1958 horror flick involved a make-up artist unleashing his monstrous creations, which were the Teenage Werewolf and Frankenstein (remember them?), on those who wronged him.

-For some incredibly bizarre reason, and as you might have guessed if you actually saw this film, the lesser demons in the game resemble Pikachu in a way that makes us scratch our heads as to how the filmmakers didn't get their asses sued to oblivion by Nintendo.

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They created Deadly Towers in real-life! RUN!
You have lovely eyes!

What the Virtual boy was intended to be.
"All I see is metal! And not the good kind!"

To give you an idea on how amateur this game was.