Films: Thankskilling (2008), Thankskilling 3 (2012) (this is not an accident)

Alias: Turkie

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized Area/Eldritch location

Height/Weight: That of an average turkey.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Across the horror spectrum, there is a monster or at the very least a serial killer for every holiday. All except the one known as Thanksgiving (or as we know it, "pilgrims flaunt their complete lack of manners in front of genocided Indians" day). This...is why.

History: Not long after Plymouth Rock got cursed with pilgrims, one dissed on the chieftain known as Feathercloud. In retaliation, the man unleashed a resurrected killer turkey known as Turkie to kill the rest on Thanksgiving Day. After that, the demon bird went into a deep slumber. Fast forward to the modern day, and Turkie's awakened by a dog pissing on his site of burial. Now, he's out and about killing anyone unfortunate enough to get in his way.

Notable Kills: Snaps a woman's neck after "stuffing" her, blasts a guy's chest open with a shotgun, rips a person's tongue out, chainsaws an old puppet's mouth through, kills a fellow ancient turkey in a retro-style video game.

Final Fate: At first, Turkie is shot in the head, tossed into a radioactive dump truck, gets resurrected by the waste, is set on fire, and kicked into a flaming teepee before his cooked body comes out again. Then the sequel happens, and what follows is a complete foray into insanity involving puppets, Turkie's skeletal minions, him getting fed into a grinder only to be put back together by said minions, and finally getting stabbed by a magic wishbone and sucked into a vortex to destroy both him and "Thankskilling 2", which he was going to use to curse the entire world due to how bad it was. Just see that sequel for yourself...it's something, to say the least.

Powers/Abilities: Turkie has a hard time dying, and at one point got his crotch replaced with a chainsaw.

Weakness: Can only be taken out by a special prayer and burning. That, or other things like magic and heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3-The sheer absurdity of the things Turkie sees and/or does along with how cheap he looks somehow both amplifies and lowers the fright he brings about. But when the world around a killer is so topsy-turvy, does that make the killer sane? Probably not. It's a killer obnoxious talking turkey, for corn's sake!

Trivia: -Both the first film and the sequel were funded on Kickstarter. People payed money for these to be made. Makes you wonder about where we're going as a species.

-If you can believe it, a musical adaptation was made in 2013, and showed again in 2017. We checked the soundtrack and...well, it's quite in sync with the tone of the original, we guess.

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All Native Americans are rolling in their graves.

Yeah, about that, whatever fans the first film got...

"Spooky scary-" "NO! We're not doing that again!"
No, it's Feather Claw. It was always Feather Claw.

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They also can't hear you joke. A blessing, truly.

Just...just stop dragging this out.

Regular Show, as directed by a mad hack.
This? A cartoon? Well, it'll be slightly more bearable.


Only the fire can cleanse you from it.