“Blue-to-Red Planet”

Films: Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet (2002)

Alias: Sandros (Sandorosu), the Scorpiss (Sukopisu), the Reija (Raijya)

Type: Natural (Reija), Alien (the rest)

Location: Desert/Eldritch location/Ocean/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 67 meters and 85,000 metric tons (Sandros), 54 meters and 61,000 metric tons (Scorpiss), 72 meters and 40,000 metric tons (Reija).

Affiliation: Good (Reija), Evil (the rest)

Summary: Ultraman Cosmos is at it again! And this time, he's got more kaiju to worry about. A whole army of them, in fact! He'll need all the help he can get, this time. But luckily, help isn't hard to find in this universe.

History: An evil alien conqueror, Sandros made a living wrecking planets and wreathing them in darkness with his army of Scorpiss monsters. His most recent victims, the Gyashi race, have only two left, and they have taken refuge on Saipan Island with the help of Shirubyi the little Baltan. However, Sandros doesn't like leaving behind loose ends, and heads to Earth to deliver unto us what he's done for centuries. Thankfully, we have not only Ultraman Cosmos, but the two Gyashi's connection to the stingray-like kaiju Reija.

Notable Kills: Sandros had previously killed Parastan, a kaiju guarding the planet Juran. His corpse is all that is left.

Final Fate: Although the Reija are unsuccessful in beating all of the Scorpiss, Cosmos and the unexpected assistance of Ultraman Justice manage to destroy Sandros when he accidentally illuminates himself in the darkness with a charging fireball. The two heroes fire their beams at it, and blow him up. The Scorpiss are defeated, and the Reija return to the sea.

Powers/Abilities: Sandros can summon Scorpiss, shoot energy balls out of his hands, turn said hands into energy blades, uses telekinesis to enhance his strength, shoot fireballs out of his mouth, empower his Scorpiss into becoming bombs, and can shoot smoke out of his back that blots out the sun and disintegrates anything consumed by it weaker than an Ultraman. The Scorpiss can shoot energy balls from their foreheads, fire a disintegration beam from their mouths, and shift into a flying form on a whim. The Reija are telepathic and, when fused with a Gyashi, become bipedal beings that can shoot energy balls from their mouths.

Weakness: Beings of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 4-Sandros is up there with the more intimidating foes of Ultraman, especially with his unsettling splitting mouth and booming voice. Sure, he looks like a kaiju wearing a dress, but it's grotesque by itself too. The Scorpiss are hardly any better, looking like beetles out of Hell. But at least the Reija are on our side, even if they're a bit territorial. In fact, they look kind of cute. Why haven't we seen more of them?

Trivia: -Sandros was voiced by the late Daisuke Gouri, AKA, the original voice actor of Mr. Satan from the "Dragon Ball" franchise, among other roles usually pertaining to strong and/or boisterous characters.

-There is another edit of this film, known as "Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet - Young Musashi Chapter", which was made due to Ultraman Cosmos' host's actor, Taiyo Sugiura, getting caught up in legal trouble that we're still not entirely certain he deserved or not.

Image Gallery

"For the glory of this random blue rock!"

How to die: wake a sleeping kaiju from his slumber.

The beast of the Bering Sea?

What Cosmos calls ideal pest control.

He fell into a battlefield of fire!

"Becoming...CGI...abomination...what have you done?!"

Worst part? That's not his tail.

"Since when could we fly?! We literally haven't evolved to that point!"

Mickey Mouse's steamboat has gone rogue!

Did you really have to throw up all of that cherry punch?

Behold the monster with a smoking addiction!

Perhaps all of those spicy meals beforehand were a bad idea.

"You're in my light, dude."

Game over, indeed.