Films: Octopus (2000), Octopus 2-River of Fear (2001)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Ocean/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of large buildings.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Two separate stories. Two times humanity found itself in an icy grip of terror. Two massive cephalopods with appetites to match. When you don't have squids, you can always go with their far less shy cousins.

History: The first giant octopus was a mutant created by radioactive waste spilled from a downed Russian sub over the Cuban sea back in the 60s, only to resurface in 2000. The next one surfaced in the Hudson River of all places, and made a mess out of everything around the harbors of New York.

Notable Kills: Nothing special. The scene where the second octopus decapitates Lady Liberty with a bunch of people still in her was just a dream.

Final Fate: One way or another, all octopi are blown up. And every time it happens, it's always a blow to the mouth. Just be glad they aren't a problem anymore.

Powers/Abilities: The giants have a massive toothed mouth hidden where their beaks should be that has a ninth tentacle to drag smaller prey in. They also have near-impenetrable hides.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though their main weak spot is the soft mouth.

Scariness Factor: 3-Pity the CGI here. If it weren't so awful, these would have been some killer sea monsters. One that lived in the darkest recesses of the deep would have been bad enough, especially with how demonic it looks most of the time, but the second one couldn't even be bothered to stay away from civilization.

Trivia: -All of these octopi share a strong resemblance to early depictions of the Kraken, a monstrous octopus or squid from Scandinavian mythology whose name roughly translates to "twisted one", and was said to bring down entire ships with its tentacles.

-The first film was also known as "Dead Eye Six".

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Turns out, there wasn't room for one more. Especially if it was a giant cephalopod!

Don't even scream. It's just too late.

Words can't describe how much he despises man's creations.
Nor has it been so green.

Hentai can be deadly!

Hatred is common in big cities. The seas around are no different.

I don't think Lady Liberty told anyone to bring their seafood with them.
Seems like an appropriate gateway.

Gotta get the soft bits somehow.

After the Day After Tommorrow, the Kraken shall rise...

Even during the apocalypse, this creature won't give up its food!

Tsunamis bring out the worst in the sea.