“The quick and the washed-up”

Films: My Name is Bruce (2007)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Aw Bruce Campbell. One of the most recognized protagonists in the horror genre thanks to the efforts of Sam Raimi. But strip the legend from the man, and what are you left with? An alright actor, is what it is. But imagine him down in the dumps...and a very real evil showing up...

History: A Chinese God of war and bean curd, Guan Di was unleashed upon Gold Lick, Oregon when some idiot teens broke off the medallion on the mausoleum he called home. Now he's on the move, slicing off heads and significantly wiping out the populace. One believes that only the famed Bruce Campbell can stop him...but the thing is, Bruce is a jaded wash-out of an actor with a plethora of personal issues. Nevertheless, after a kidnapping, Bruce is prepared for what he believes is another film shoot...only to find that the threat is quite real...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Guan Di is eventually led by Bruce via bean curd to a place where he is blown up by dynamite. Just as Bruce puts back the medallion, Guan Di rises again...and the whole thing is revealed to be a film. Just as Bruce revises the ending to be much more positive, Guan Di rises again!

Powers/Abilities: Guan Di's main weapon is a large naginata for decapitating.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, placing the medallion back on his tomb.

Scariness Factor: 4-The film is meant to be something of a farce, but Guan Di is a legitimate threat. His piercing red eyes and imposing frame make for a rather effective villain. His beard is a little too white to look convincing, though.

Trivia: -Although Bruce is depicted as a slovenly womanizing jerk in this film, he's gone on to clarify that it was just a satirical version of him. This is not what he actually acts like.

-Guan Di is based on Guan Yu, a Chinese general whose great influence and undying loyalty to his master Liu Bei won him a place in myth, such as being one of the main focuses of the classic story, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

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What? Him or Guan Di?

Well, war is his speciality. His fire burns hot!
"Di. Guan Di. That's how it's done!"

Heads, you lose!
This nametag was from the set of Congo, we bet.

His stint at Disneyland just went south.