“A pollution of body and mind”

Films: The Host (2006)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: River/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of a small car.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: If there seems to be one equalizer for eastern mutant monsters, it's this. Being a mutant f*cking sucks. For the monster, there can be nothing but constant pain and lashing out at a world that left it like that. For the rest of us, we get caught in the middle, and people just die.

History: These were the days where the entire South Korean government lost its marbles and did stupid thing after stupid thing. It all started when corporations dumped copious amounts of formaldehyde into the Han River. The result was a mutated amphibian/fish thing known as Gwoemul, which began to raid human settlements for food. That food being us. The government believes that the beast carries a disease, but that just caused more problems as Gwoemul's hunting spree went unimpeded.

Notable Kills: It doesn't chew, it swallows. And sometimes, it takes a while for death to come around within.

Final Fate: After the deadly chemical Agent Yellow is dropped on the beast to try and kill it, it only appears dazed before getting dowsed in gasoline, being set on fire after a Molotov-laced arrow to the eye, and finally impaled through the mouth with a metal pole as it tries to get back in the water.

Powers/Abilities: Gwoemul is very resilient, capable of sustaining gunfire and dangerous chemicals. It is also quite agile, leaping around with the grace of a monkey.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though chemicals will dull its senses.

Scariness Factor: 4-Sure, the effects start to give way near the end, but Gwoemul is perhaps one of the most messed-up monsters to come from the east. A hideous abomination looking like something cobbled together with various river creatures with cancerous growths, killing this thing almost seems like a mercy for it.

Trivia: -Gwoemul gets its name from the Korean word for "monster". During production, the beast was nicknamed Steve Buscemi for some reason.

-This film is actually based on an actual event in 2000 involving formaldehyde getting dumped into the Han River, with a small deformed fish being discovered soon afterward.

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This isn't your dad's family drama...

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Yeah, America has much to answer for.

Every mutation needs an afternoon jog.

Do what you will. Nothing helps.
One last wave to the outside world.

Hope hands by a blankie.

This climatic battle is about to come to a sudden end.

Don't instill nightmares with your mouth full!

So quiet...so suicidal-wait, what?

This High School Musical sequel is looking up!

Silence and stalking is golden.
After a long day of hunting and suffering...

"I never asked for this...all I can do is thank you..."