“Cowboys and space drug-addicts”

Films: High Plains Invaders (2009)

Alias: Bugs

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: That of trucks.

Affiliation: Alien

Summary: If you want your invasion to be more of a guaranteed success, look no further than just invading the planet when it's at a clear disadvantage in terms of technology. A very clear disadvantage, that is. Oh, and if you don't even need tech to begin with, then you should heed this advice even more.

History: Drawn to this world's uranium like junkies to meth, these insectoid aliens came to Earth in a massive spacecraft to suck it dry of the element. But that meant having to destroy the local human population. In this case, a small western town in the 19th century.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: In time, the invaders are slowly repelled by the people, and the invasion truly falls flat when a chain reaction involving dynamite blows up both them and the entire town.

Powers/Abilities: Bulletproof hides and a stinger that can fire deadly projectiles.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 3-If for a brief moment you thought these giant bugs were mook enemies from a PS4 game, then you'd be forgiven. Indeed, these charmless butcherers don't have much in the way of convincing effects, but they no less dangerous for it. So if you see some tank-like bug thing coming at you, run if you can.

Trivia: -This film was also known as "Alien Western" and "Alien Attack".

-As per tradition with western films, many of the guns fired do not need reloading despite firing more than 10 shots at a time.

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"Nobody invited us? Then what were those invitations?"

"Hey, there. How are the kids?"
The sad fate of Deadwood.

This War of the Worlds prequel is...well, at least they don't fall to disease.

The South will stab again.
They got designs loaned from the Martians from four years ago.

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