“There once was a species that swallowed a fly...”

Films: Infested (2002)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Forest/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average flies.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Bees, wasps, hornets, haven't we had enough stinging insects already?! Why not pour one out for the other flying arthropods we got inhabiting more the Earth than we ever will? It's because they can't use venom, isn't it? Well, we know that they can do so much more if given the chance...

History: In the rural parts of Manhattan, a disgruntled man has allied himself with genetically-altered flies, and faked his death so that he could unleash them on all the people he hates, including his own family. Oh, and these flies feed by infesting a human host, controlling it for a bit as a means of transportation and combat, and when they're done eating him/her from the inside, they burst out violently as a swarm. It's every bit as gruesome as it sounds, and it'll mean brutal death for some folks who just wanted to attend a funeral for a guy who isn't even dead.

Notable Kills: Did you even read the above?! There's even a case in which a host gets his neck broken, and they still keep him alive before they rip out of his bloodied neck! Those still in him then have him remove his head just so he can toss it away. These bugs are barbaric! Also, flies eating a man on ecstasy. Where else can you see that?

Final Fate: After many swarms are torched, the flies and their human friend are obliterated by an explosion that takes out the entire house. However, it is later revealed that the flies have infected others as well...

Powers/Abilities: These flies can use dead bodies as puppets/food.

Weakness: Really bright light and bad music cause them to explode. It's a little inconsistent with those, but fire is also good.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Myriad weaknesses and some REALLY awful CGI effects diminish this otherwise terrifying species significantly. Had it not been for that, they would have been some of the scariest bugs around. Just hordes of them coming to use your body as their plaything...

Trivia: -Almost all flies are carnivorous by nature, especially when they're still maggots. However, as they grow, they become much more flexible with their diet.

-This film is apparently meant as a parody of "The Big Chill". Yeah, try not to choke on your ambitions, filmmakers.

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When they heard Marty McFly was coming to town, they got the WRONG idea!

Stop, drop, and breed!
Yeah...good luck with that run.

I didn't think you were that sick!
Just imagine seeing your face on that ugly mug...

"I just don't get human females sometimes."
"Let's move to Channing Tatum's body! What?! Don't judge me!"