"Scary Ferriman”

Films: Ghost Ship (2002)

Alias: Dodge

Type: Mystical

Location: Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Demons come in all shapes and sizes. But none are perhaps more devious and awful than those who take on human form. For one cannot predict what they might do, and their deceit is unprecedented. Especially when they've got hundreds of souls at their mercy.

History: Long ago, a mysterious figure, presumably this horrible demon, killed off 99.9% of the crew aboard the S.S. Antonia Graza. The ship happened to have a lot of gold as well, and this demon knew exactly what to do with it. His name was Jack Ferriman, and his lifetime in the mortal realm as an irredeemable sinner had made him into a sort of "soul salvager" who uses the gold aboard the ship to lure greedy treasure hunters into a ship now filled with ghosts, not all of which are friendly. He hopes to one day accrue enough souls to have them all delivered to Hell, regardless of innocence.

Notable Kills: He wiped out more than half the Graza's crew by having a long line of razor wire cut through the dance floor, ripping everyone in half, except for one little girl. And she got hung by thieves anyway.

Final Fate: The sole survivor of a salvaging crew Ferriman led rejects all offers the demon makes to her, and has the whole ship blown up, freeing the souls and sending most of them towards Heaven via the Northern Lights. However, despite seemingly dying in the explosion, Ferriman is still at large, planting gold in other places to repeat the cycle again.

Powers/Abilities: Ferriman can mark particularly sinful spirits so that they do his bidding.

Weakness: Anything conventional can send him away for a while.

Scariness Factor: 4-You would have never have guessed that this meek-looking man was a particularly vile servant of Satan. Sure, maybe he could have turned out to be a serial killer, but a soul-trapping demon was far from what we thought. Basically, don't invite this dope to anything.

Trivia: -Ferriman was played by Desmond Harrington, whose most prominent role was from the hit series "Dexter".

-This film was actually once pitched as something completely different somewhat. In 1996, "Chimera" was about a bunch of people investigating a derelict ship, but both isolation and the possible supernatural cause them to go mad and try and kill each other. It was more of a psychological horror than a straight slasher flick, with far less cheese and gore.

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