“Don't blame me, blame my upbringing”

Films: See No Evil (2006), See No Evil 2 (2013)

Alias: The Hand of God

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Remember when more than half the serial killers going around were inspired to murder by their crazed mothers or some other family member? Well, we got another one. One with the physique of a wrestler and the mind of Norman Bates, albeit even more unhinged.

History: Jacob Goodnight had a fairly standard childhood. If you call "getting locked in the house by your abusive mother and forced to watch her torture girls to make you never want to have sex and also become the Hand of God" a standard. Needless to say, Jake didn't exactly come out the sharpest tool in the shed, nor the most well. But he did become a rather formidable engine of destruction, killing and sometimes even eating people who dared get lured to his place by his mother, or just plain got in his way in general.

Notable Kills: At one point, he shoves a cellphone down a girl's throat.

Final Fate: After killing his mother and grieving afterwards, Jacob is seemingly brought down when he's impaled in the eye, causing him to stumble off the edge of the hotel and fall to a very clumsy and painful death. However, he was later shown to have inexplicably survived, waking up in a morgue and killing everybody.

Powers/Abilities: Aside from inhuman resilience, Jacob also has immense strength, though he likes using his hook and chain for long distance.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, though he will relent from killing if he sees any religious symbols on you.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-What's worse than a psychotic killer with a violent streak and no morals to speak of? A near-indestructible one, that's what! We've seen them all before, and they are all utter nightmares. Jacob earned his position among them with his cold stare and capabilities.

Trivia: -Jacob was played by Glenn Thomas Jacobs, AKA Kane, one of the WWE's most notorious wresters. His history is a long one, filled with all kinds of different gimmicks and identities.

-The first film was first known as "Eye Scream Man", then "The Goodnight Man", then "Goodnight", before finally settling on the official title.

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Wrestling's fake. Terror isn't.

You prepared your room just for us!

Never accept a date from Craig's List. Never.

You can feel your sequels crawling on your back.
Give that saying a CHAIN-nce. Am I fired now?


Killing can be so choosy for him.

That giant hook compensating for something?
Undead Madame Masque?

Any wonder why he's going to get more violent than usual?
Who else is the star of this bio?

Slightly more plausible than keeping a Flemish Rabbit for all its life.