“The hills got uglier”

Films: The Hills Have Eyes (2006), The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Alias: Papa Jupiter, Big Brain, Lizard, Pluto, Cyst, Goggle, Big Mama, Ruby, Venus and Mercury, Papa Hades, Chameleon, Grabber, Stabber, Hansel, Lech

Type: Mutant

Location: Desert/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Good (Ruby, Venus and Mercury, Hansel), Evil (the rest)

Summary: A long time ago, Wes Craven showed us the horrors of inbred families like none had before him. Now, we see what happens when the horrid folks become uglier, nastier, and a thousand times more brutal.

History: In the deserts of New Mexico, countless nuclear tests have mutated some of the populace. Those people tend to be, or at least become, malformed sociopathic maneaters who have organized into clans, each worse than the last. Jupiter's clan attacked a family trying to get their vacation, while Hades' clan set its sights on some National Guard trainees. Either way, for whatever unlucky group crosses their paths, it will be a day of blood and terror.

Notable Kills: Pretty much any time a killer impales/sinks his teeth into/just plain mutilates a person.

Final Fate: All of the mutants die horribly. Either by a man running on vengeance or a dog with similar motives (our pal Beast is back), none of them get off scott-free. Sadly, even the good mutants face this, especially poor brave Ruby, who valiantly sacrificed herself to finish off the awful Lizard. But it's Papa Hades who got the worst treatment. Just see it for yourself, and you'll know that it doesn’t take a serial killer to orchestrate such a drawn-out demise.

Powers/Abilities: Many of the mutants have grown rather tolerant of pain, and some even have gained special powers, such as Chameleon with his camouflage and extra-long tongue.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though Pluto is unendingly stupid.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Let's start with the obvious here. The radiation had NOT done any of these people wonders when it comes to looks. All of them look like they actually stumbled out of a nuclear blast. It doesn't help that most of them are horrifically evil and violent beings who just can't wait to turn your last few moments in life into a torture porno.

Trivia: -Originally, Papa Jupiter was going to look much worse, with a barely-developed Siamese twin on his torso. This never made it past early concepts.

-The sequel was going to be centered around one of the survivors overcoming her trauma from her ordeal by leading a squadron to finish off the remaining mutants, but this was soundly scrapped.

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Nice gesture, but it's a pity what happens next.

Didn't lizards just puff up their bodies for mates?

If I hear the voice of Jupiter whisper "Ruby" in this one...

More like repetition.

Anyone else wanna give her a hug?

"I don't exactly like the taste of Floridan."
Even the very sand has mutated!

"In hindsight, this headset was kinda silly."

I think we're done here.
Or you've hit a gas station with no food.

She read the room too early.

At least the loss of brainpower is now complete.