“Love, demons, and music”

Films: Lo (2009)

Alias: Lo, Jeez, April

Type: Mystical

Location: Eldritch location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average humans.

Affiliation: Good (April), Neutral (Lo), Evil (Jeez)

Summary: Usually, when "love" and "demons" are put together, the result isn't pretty. But sometimes, things take a turn for the different. What you are about to see is a tale of charm, mystery, and what happens when go monkeying around with love when the denizens of Hell are closer than they appear.

History: Justin is sitting in a pentagram, the only defense he has. He has summoned a crippled demon named Lo to help him figure out what happened to his wonderful girlfriend, April. But not only is Lo a bit on the cryptic side, but apparently April was a demon herself, and she was taken back by a pompous demon named Jeez. Justin soon realizes that he won't be getting answers that easily...and even then, would he want to hear them?

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: As more and more punishment is brought upon Justin by both Lo, Jeez, and his own hand, he is visited by April who reassures him that he can live his life without her. He does, but not before it is revealed that April and Lo are one and the same…

Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of reality.

Weakness: Each other, burning demon-related books.

Scariness Factor: 3-Hell's demons are off-putting, especially when they start playing mind games, but they themselves are quite quirky and affably evil in their own ways. Really, this is one big story about letting go, and in their own twisted way, the demons did their part.

Trivia: -This whole film was done in 3 days after director Travis Betz took inspiration from a 1994 adaptation of "Faust". He sought to make the whole thing feel like a stage production. And in our honest opinion, he succeeded.

-Pretty much everyone who stared in this film had no other truly recognizable roles. That is not an insult to them. They gave it their all here.

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My Dinner with Lo.