“Pinata whacks you”

Films: Pinata-Survival Island (2002)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: Goes from that of an average taller to slightly more than an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Pinatas. You made a film about killer pinatas. Or at least, that's what you want us to think. We all know that's just an off-brand idol of evil. There was no need to trade this things potential for its dignity.

History: Long ago, a tribe on a faraway tropical island transplanted all of their vices and sins into a stone idol, and cast it to sea. Now, it has returned to that island, washed ashore just in time for a group of reality TV show contestants to stupidly break it open. Alas, out comes a malevolent pinata demon dead set on killing everyone.

Notable Kills: Loves beating people to horrible death with a stick, but he also manages to smash a girl's head in with a shovel and literally rip someone else's nuts off!

Final Fate: After causing much havoc around the island, the demon pinata is brought down by a simple Molotov cocktail.

Powers/Abilities: Can buff itself up with all of its pent-up evil in order to pursue and kill prey easier. But for the most part, it relies on resilience and strength

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-It's a little hard to be intimidated by this diminutive little bastard. The CGI is really bad, his appearance reeks of a Halloween decoration, and he's deceptively easy to kill. That said, when he does get his hands one someone, you can bet they're not going to die smoothly.

Trivia: -In spite of what some think, pinatas actually came from China, not Spain. They were made in the shape of livestock, and used as a tradition for the new year so that there would be a plentiful harvest. The contents were usually seeds that were then burnt to good luck ashes.

-This film's original title was just "Demon Island", which may have honestly helped it save face better than it did.

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KILLED off, you swine!

Worst couple's retreat ever.

"Already digged your graves! Wanna die willfully?"

They don't call it Demon Island for nothing.