“Kaiju in the Machine”

Films: Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (2002), Godzilla: Tokyo SOS (2003)

Alias: Mechagodzilla, Mecha G, Multipurpose Fight System Type-03

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 60 meters and 36,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Good, but can switch to Evil given the circumstances

Summary: The last two Mechagodzillas were an alien murder weapon and an over-glorified tank that only almost managed to kill Godzilla. Now, we bring something new. Something unique. Something...deeply troubled from within.

History: In this alternate continuity, Godzilla was still taken out by the Oxygen Destroyer, but his bones remained. The leading scientists of Japan, in the wake of yet another Godzilla showing up, decided to use these bones as the basis for a new superweapon. A robot based off Godzilla known as Kiryu. Piloted from afar by Lieutenant Akane Yashiro, Kiryu's purpose is to fight and perhaps defeat Godzilla to stop him from causing trouble. It seems to work like a charm...except that the old G's soul was attached to the bones, therefore Kiryu has two sides. One is a loyal bot who values Akane's bond with him. The other is a kill-happy monster who doesn't want to see his successor die. It's always something with AI, it seems...

Notable Kills: If he actually killed anyone, it would have been once his old side surfaced.

Final Fate: Although his first true scuffle with Godzilla ends in a draw, the next time features an upgraded Kiryu...who nonetheless broke free from control again, only this time to carry Godzilla into the sea so that they may both find peace. He parts with humanity on good terms.

Powers/Abilities: Kiryu's got homing missiles, railguns, jetpacks, grappling wires, and amazing agility in spite of his bulk. He's also got a twin maser cannon in his mouth, a maser blade, a hand that turns into a drill, and his biggest asset, the Absolute Zero Cannon, which acts as a sort of freeze ray. It later got replaced with a Triple Hyper Maser Cannon.

Weakness: The soul of the original Godzilla is still in his body, and can easily wrestle control from everyone else. Also, his battery life is a measly 2 hours.

Scariness Factor: 4-Oh sure, he was made by us to fight for us, but Kiryu still has that "soul of a city destroyer" working against him. The moment that OG Godzilla gets a hold of this mech, everyone is screwed. The red eyes certainly don't help. Even less is how much of a walking arsenal Kiryu is. But for the most part, he's on our side.

Trivia: -Kiryu means roughly in Japanese, "Machine Dragon". It's not an uncommon name for people, either. At least, we think.

-Even during early concepts, Kiryu was always meant to have a sort of "ghostly skeleton Godzilla" vibe to him. Some were more obvious with things like yellowish bone-colored tints and even one with the old Godzilla's flesh sticking out, but the one we have won out.

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Not really how you break the ice.

You sure robots can't feel hate for lost eyes?

"Stop right there, criminal scum! You've violated the law!"

That's all the info you wanna disclose? Whatever.


Fro-Zone watches and shakes his head.

SOS? More like SOW (Save Our World!).

"How about YOU Lose an eye?!"

"So long, gay Godzilla!"

Well, this town's doomed. Their bad.

History repeats, doesn't it?