“Let the Games begin...and never end...”

Films: Saw (2004), Saw II (2005), Saw III (2006), Saw IV (2007), Saw V (2008), Saw VI (2009), Saw 3D (2010), Jigsaw (2017)

Alias: John Kramer the Jigsaw Killer, Logan Nelson, Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, Billy the doll

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Hello, reader. I want to play a game. You've probably been looking through all of these bios with nary a care as to how they could reflect on your own capacity for sadism and bloodshed. But now you will know. You will know the true depths of torturous survival instinct. This bio carries the whole legacy of a man and the vicious lengths he went to for his philosophy. Read and memorize it all, and you live. Don't...and really, there's no consequence. Just trying to get you all in the mood.

History: John Kramer, once an esteemed engineer, lost his son in a miscarriage, divorced his wife, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and got screwed out of a potential cure for his condition. Not exactly a neat life. One failed suicide later...and he realized just how much he started to value his life knowing it was all going to go away sooner than later. It is where his new twisted outlook on life truly takes form. To him, only through near-death "rehabilitation" can humanity live life at its fullest. To spread this gospel, Kramer kidnaps people he deems ungrateful to be alive and/or filled with sin, and puts them in elaborate death traps where the only means of escape are painful at best and downright crippling at worst. Worse, those who survive often find themselves adopting his way of life, and become his apprentices. And not everyone follows his "every trap is escapable" philosophy...

Notable Kills: A razor wire maze, an incinerated arsonist, a rapist's limbs removed as he has to gouge out his own eyes, walls closing in and mashing a person, a man getting his lower half burned away by injections of acid, the impalement wheel, a wind turbine powered by a motorcycle, a man getting his head turned into a twisted flesh flower by a laser collar, and of course, the reverse-bear trap.

Final Fate: Kramer is killed eventually via neck slash as his two apprentices feud gets out of hand. Amanda is shot in the neck and Hoffman, after a long rampage of setting up inescapable death traps to cover up his own crimes, is caught by none other than the first onscreen victim of Kramer's games, Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Hoffman is sentenced to being trapped forever in the same room where Gordon was left. Game over...

Powers/Abilities: All killers are near-perfect chessmasters, with Kramer being the greatest, of course.

Weakness: Anything conventional. Kramer, in particular, is terminal.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-It's not so much the individual people perpetuating these sick rehabilitations that scare us. It's the amazingly cruel and violent traps they lay out that make us want to never do anything close to sinning ever again. And even then, guys like Amanda and Hoffman don’t care about Kramer's flawed yet interesting philosophy. He may have been a creep, but he did believe in punishing the (mostly) guilty. His apprentices didn't.

Trivia: -Ironically, Kramer’s actor, Tobin Bell, has admitted that he has no passion for horror films. Sure didn't stop him from delivering one of the genre's most terrifying antagonists.

-Mere weeks before the shooting for Saw VII began, the director of Saw VI was shoved in to take the actual director's place by Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures, mainly due to said new director being forced to do a sequel to "Paranormal Activity". Both directors hated this decision, as it was completely out of their control.

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Answer: A heaping TON, as this series will demonstrate.

Tried to tell him the kool-aid was bad, but noooo.

As if. Look at those decayed fingers!

As well as taking over the Tooth Fairy's job.

The man, the myth, the madman.

Admiral Ackbar's last words...

"My car keys have to be inside this man!"

Ed Gein, what's this about?!

Worst game of Musical Chairs ever.
I told John that making that robotic Jigsaw doll was a bad idea.

John Kramer, upon trying to understand why his franchise keeps chugging on.

Set just for the next director!

A warning to those who think it's all over after 10 or so years...

I didn't know John was into tattoo art!

Nothing innocent or legal comes with a stare like that.
Not sure how a puzzle could fit this entire hand...wait...

Imagine if that machine gave violent wet willies!

Good luck forgetting this trap.

To whoever made that poster...WHY?!

How the mighty have fallen. SPLAT!

Well, that tagline just took a whole new meaning!

Digitally, hopefully.

The franchise (which is never) or the trap?

Haven't heard that one before...

Set for his inevitable battle with Kiryu to see who's a better tortured mech.

I said EAT his heart out! Not hollow it out!


What the first Pig-Mask must have thought.

And the trails of blood will just get redder from here.
I'd give up crawling away from Hell at this point.

The chains just keep getting tigher.

"Another message? Stop calling me 'Emo Clown'."

And this is one of the tamer traps!

This franchise has enough blood to revive Canada!

How ironic in the very same film that John meets an ignoble death!

The writers, at this point.

A most devilish way of making a title.

Worst smiley tattoo ever.

Trust is hard to come by around these parts.
This had better be a protest.

Did this become the last half of Diamond is Unbreakable?

Nicely crafted, we'll give you that.

Like ending this franchise for good.

The Lord of Chains is-wait, wrong franchise.
Simple. Scream and flip the table over.

He's got a bicicyle for none.

Worst place to find your car keys.

Let's NOT find out!

The Brain that Wouldn't Die 2: Electric Boogaloo.

He/she's been with us for a long time. You can see why we're not fond of this minion.

Stand on your toes! We can't tell what's going on!

The weight of this copyright has torn him apart.

The fanbase is out.
Face it, John. It was an incomplete six and you know it.

Represented by the psyche of a fan who's seen it all.

Every screen, a horrifying reality.

Every screen, a hidden regret.

The abyss always gets reflected on the spritually weak.

Still a pretty tame trap in the end.