“Chasity no more”

Films: Cherry Falls (2000)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: You know how most killers target people who have sex and spare virgins? Well, how about a killer who does it the other way around. We know it sounds counterintuitive to the whole "sex is bad" vides most slasher flicks have desperately tried to ram down our throats, but sometimes it's interesting to start bucking a trend.

History: Long ago in the quiet town of Cherry Falls, Virginia (ha, get it?), young Lora Lee Sherman was gangraped by four boys, and after escaping, was never seen again. Fast forward to more than twenty years later, and someone is killing virgins and occasionally non-virgins, sending the town into a panic and the high schoolers into thinking that the only solution is sex galore. In truth, the killer is not Lora Lee, but her horribly abused son Leonard Marliston, who is an English teacher by day and a serial killer disguised as his mother by night, seeking to rid every parent of virgin children out of pure spite.

Notable Kills: Splits a man's head in half with an axe.

Final Fate: After invading the mass orgy going on, Leonard is caught in a scuffle that ends with him falling on a fence piece, impaling him. He's at last killed when a deputy puts a bullet in his head. However, there are slight implications that Lora Lee is still around.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-A killer that scares your kids into having sex sounds like a nightmare for any parent. And really, it is. Add that to the fact that this sociopathic man can brutally kill you, and you got yourself a bonafide menace to society.

Trivia: -The fully uncut version of this film stands a very slim chance of ever being revealed, as it was practically chopped to pieces by the MPAA due to unfortunate timing involving the infamous Columbine shooting.

-The film's tone was something of a battle between the visions of director Geoffrey Wright, who wanted a serious horror film, and writer Ken Selden, who wanted a more satirical piece. In the end, they compromised, and out came a not too wavery tone for the final product.

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As if the Scream references weren't on point...

Remember. THIS is the killer.
The town name written in menstrual and important blood.

I think the metaphor has been drilled into us already. DAMMIT! Now, I'm doing it!
That status is deadly. Not being a virgin is...well, did you read the bio?

For American Pie and its sequels, where's a psychotic killer when you need it?!

Pretty simple in this teenage wasteland.