“My little demon”

Films: Case 39 (2009)

Alias: Lily Sullivan

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human girl.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: To those who say that you're just born evil, just ignore them. Because there's no way that such a thing can actually...oh wait, it totally did.

History: At first, Lily Sullivan appears to be just an abused little girl living with parents who ostracize and often attempt to kill her. But the reality is that the parents have every reason to. You see, whenever a child is born, an eternal soul seeps into the fetus. But in this case, a demonic soul, none other than Lilith, snuck in instead. Lily, or Lilith, has been a demon from the start, and after her parents are disposed of, she'll torment and murder her new caretaker.

Notable Kills: Causes a guy to kill himself after he hallucinates a hornet swarm emerging from his body.

Final Fate: After terrorizing everybody, Lilith's true identity is revealed, and in the ensuing scuffle between her and her new parent, her illusions fail, the car they're in goes sailing into a pier, and our heroine manages to escape while Lilith sinks to the bottom to be no one's problem anymore.

Powers/Abilities: an cast frightening illusions based on people's fears to drive them to madness, as well as amplify her own strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though breaking through her illusions is one of the few things that terrifies her.

Scariness Factor: 4-Once again, the creepy child trope raises its ugly head. And this time, it has all the manipulative power in the world to rise above the rest. Her demonic form isn't much of a slouch either.

Trivia: -Although the film set caught fire in 2006, on Halloween no less, no one got hurt in the slightest.

-There is an alternate ending to this film, which has Lilith surviving and the lead being arrested. Probably for the best that this was only an option.

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