“Blood rehab”

Films: Mansquito (2005)

Alias: Ray Erikson

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Mosquitos suck! All they want to do is bite you until you're spending the rest of the day scratching like a madman, and then they expect you to give them a pass for minor pollination. Much like convicted murderers, they are deserving of no sympathy. But what if we combined both. Wouldn't that be a nightmare...?

History: Ray Erikson is being sent to jail forever due to accusations of murder. Not too far-fetched, considering he tries killing everyone in the hospital while trying to escape. But while doing so, the police accidentally shoot at a vat of chemicals and mosquito DNA, which engulfs Ray. You see, that was actually part of an experiment to alter mosquitoes so that they eradicate a rare and terrible disease, but too much radiation would result in catastrophe. But because Ray got caught in the chemical explosion, he transforms into a hideous man-mosquito hybrid with a taste for blood and a desire to mate with the lead scientist, who also got the treatment, but to a lesser extent.

Notable Kills: Slices a diagonal piece off of a man's head, and stomps on another's head with a small foot.

Final Fate: After surviving a rocket launcher explosion, Mansquito kidnaps the scientist to kill instead of mate with. But then she shocks both him and herself to death with a cable. At least her mutant mosquitos destroyed that virus.

Powers/Abilities: Incredible resiliance and flight.

Weakness: If he doesn't mate, he will die. Also, electricity works.

Scariness Factor: 4-Didn't think a Syfy film would offer a monster like this, did you? The Mansquito is perhaps one of the channel's most frightening beasts, with minimal bad CGI getting in the way. It's almost as if a real blood-sucking insect abomination with HUMAN TEETH above and below a giant proboscis is staring at you.

Trivia: -Ray was played by Matt Jordan, who has a greater career as a person in the soccer industry.

-It's a little ironic that Mansquito needed to mate in order to survive. If anything, most small winged insects have to look forward to death right after mating. Reasons usually include getting eaten by the female, a lack of energy afterwards, or a pathetic lifespan (for instance, mayflies live for one year and one day altogether).

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He's the pest that carries all pests!

The sad true fate of Peter Parker.
Yep. There's somebody for everybody.

"I just wanted super sucking skills! Don't ask why!"
What's worse? The cop having his life taken away or the killer storm-bringing mosquitoes out there?

"Huh. Feeling a bit near-sighted."

You have a sorta-good thing going. Don't ruin this, man.

"Time to annoy some picknikers before tearing them apart!"

"FREE HEALTHCARE!" You're doing it wrong, man.