“Bugsy timey whimey”

Films: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)

Alias: Meganulon, Meganula, Megagilas, Megaguirasu

Type: Ancient/Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 50 meters and 12,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Godzilla's millennium series is just one continuity reboot after another. It seemed that the first film was the golden boy and the rest was deplorable. That probably wasn't the case, but damn, was the not-sequel to "Godzilla: Millennium" a hair-raising one...

History: In what might be the most insane attempt to kill Godzilla ever conceived, the Japanese government attempted to use the Dimension Tide, a satellite that summons mini black holes. The test run in fact made things much worse, as from the created rift in space-time came out a giant prehistoric dragonfly that laid an egg. Said egg was left in the sewers by a boy, where it hatched into many savage Meganulon. Then they molted into their next stage, the Meganula. The swarm tracked down Godzilla and drained him of his power. They returned to the flooded city of Shibuya to transfer the stolen energy, dying in the process. Transfer it to the cocoon of their queen, that is. And out spawned the unholy mix of ancient insect and Gojiran DNA. Megaguirus.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The battle between Godzilla and Megaguirus is fraught with deception, adrenaline, and occasional goofy antics. But in the end, Godzilla manages to rip off the bug's stinger with his teeth, dazing her enough for him to blast her with his thermonuclear breath. Just one hit causes Megaguirus to die and collapse to the ground as a ball of fire. Oh, and the Dimension Tide still doesn't work. Go figure.

Powers/Abilities: Megaguirus' main power comes from her stinger, which can drain creatures of their life force and their power, to the point where she can somewhat copy her victim's abilities for a short while. She is also ridiculously fast, capable of out-maneuvering almost any attack.

Weakness: Beings of equal and greater power. Also, she isn't particularly adept in the defense department, and it is heavily implied that her stinger contains all of her power.

Scariness Factor: 4-Megaguirus is perhaps one of the ugliest and most vile insect-based kaiju to square off against the monster king. Looking like a horrible cross between a dragonfly and a demon lizard, she not only makes mirrors break with her visage, but is also quite adept at combat. Also, her earlier form has the dubious honor of being one of the few Godzilla monsters to be seen hunting down people like a serial killer. Those Meganulon from "Rodan" aren't so funny now, huh?! It's just a pity that in her true form, poor Megs has her strings showing sometimes...

Trivia: -Megaguirus and her brood are named after Meganeura, the largest flying insect of all. It was a species of dragonfly that lived in the Carboniferous period, and was as big as an eagle.

-As stated above, the Meganulon are the millennium version of the bugs from "Rodan", which looked like demonic caterpillars, emitted a horrible beeping noise, and were set up as the main aggressors of the film until Rodan ate them all. Strangely, subsequent appearances of Megaguirus pit her mostly against Mothra than the one that fed upon her predescors.

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Worst pest problem ever.

All because of a mutated Kinder Surprise Egg.

This was not the welcome this queen was promised.
"Wait, what do you mean 'run from the incoming black hole'?"

"Hey, Frank. You tired of living? Because I am."

Pretty fly for a Dragonfly.

"GET A HOLD OF YOUR-wait, you're dead."

Imagine if this madness ended with a stained car window.

So, Godzilla's a samurai?

Good luck getting this out of your mind.