“The Deep-Sea King”

Films: Megalodon (2004)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Ocean/Tundra

Height/Weight: That of a large submarine.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The world's largest shark of all is back, and this time, he has his own ecosystem to live in relative peace. Except that he inevitably collided with the works of man, and that's where the chase begins...

History: Deep within the oceans near Greenland, there is a hidden world filled with all sorts of ancient sea life, including beautiful giant jellyfish and belligerent small-fry. But none of them can compare to the ferocity of their apex predator, the Megalodon. Now, a deep-sea oil rig has broken the barrier between our ocean and this old one, and the Meg isn't particularly fond of unwelcome guests...

Notable Kills: Breaches through the ice to get to one guy.

Final Fate: Eventually, the shark is lured by a sub rigged to explode, which it does, taking its occupant and the Meg with it. However, off the coast of France, a young Megalodon is getting its start...

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Once again, an otherwise intimidating oceanic predator is undone by bad CGI. Thankfully, the shark is wreathed in darkness most of the time, so it isn't totally noticeable. Still, what is it with sharks getting the short end of the low-budget CGI stick?! You'd think their streamlined forms wouldn't be so hard to convincingly animate...

Trivia: -Megalodon was indeed the largest shark to exist, existing during the Pliocene Epoch, and measuring up to a suggested 18 meters. That said, most of what we know about this shark is only based off of its teeth and vertebral centra. Some have even suggested that it actually looks more like a basking shark or even the sand tiger. Imagine a super-sized version of that...

-Anyone whose heard the theories of Megalodon's ultimate reason for its demise will probably find this beast's main tundra location to be hilariously ironic, as it is often speculated that the increasingly cold oceans it lived in drove out its main food sources and left it to starve.

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This shark's gonna break the ice!

Did the shark finally freeze or something?

This Ice Age movie just got more intense!

You're REALLY going to need a bigger boat.
The Gorilla-Whale comparisons are now gonna get awkward.