“Make my monster grow”

Films: Megasnake (2007)

Alias: Unteka

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Forest

Height/Weight: Up to twice that of a bus.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Small snakes kill you by pumping you full of venom. Big snakes kill you by choking the air out of you. How about one that can do both, yes? No? Well then, you should have kept a better eye on that jar...

History: Unteka was once part of an immortal serpent species that had the ability to double in size with the more they ate. They terrorized ancient Native Americans for a while before all but Unteka were exterminated. From there, the serpent shrunk and was put in a jar. But one day, an obnoxious idiot took the jar, and accidentally broke it, releasing Unteka. From there, the snake kept eating and growing, becoming an absolute danger to everyone around it.

Notable Kills: Plays a game of fatal hide-and-seek, eats a family stuffed in a car, and rips the heads off of several people on a coaster ride.

Final Fate: Eventually, after growing larger than ever, Unteka is finally brought down when a brave man allows himself to be swallowed, and cuts himself out of the snake's stomach with both another and its heart.

Powers/Abilities: Unteka grows every time it eats something at least a fourth of its size.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though if it is kept without food for some time, it will shrink.

Scariness Factor: 3-The CGI is laughable as ever, yes, but Unteka is messed up even by giant snake standards. Let's put aside the fact that it has a disgusting splitting mouth and focus on how it actually gets bigger and stronger with the more people it brutally devours! No wonder its kind was eradicated to such an extent.

Trivia: -Appearance-wise, Unteka bears a close resemblance to a Gaboon viper, one of the most lethal vipers in the world. It also has the odd nasal protrusion and plumage of the rhinoceros viper, also known as the butterfly viper or river jack, which lets out a hiss that's been compared to a loud shriek.

-This film features a cameo appearance from Feedback, a superhero with videogame-related powers from Syfy's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?", a show heralded by Stan Lee himself where Feedback was the winner at one point. In the film proper, he may not use his powers, but he does make an effort to save as many as he can before getting away from Unteka like everyone else.

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Seth has finally snapped for good!

You break it, you empower it.

Which one of you guys opened the gates of Hell to unleash this?!

Sometimes, you gotta start small.

Action Park's snake ride goes, as one might guess, HORRIBLY wrong.
Thankfully, not another Anaconda movie.

"House Hunters? Have some class, man."

Acting for a sub-par reality TV show, only to be outclassed by a CGI model. That's a new low.

"I'm their father now!"

It's like a dragon got lost from Berk and lost all of its limbs, from this angle.