“Evil returns home”

Films: Halloween (2007), Halloween 2 (2009)

Alias: The Boogeyman

Type: Natural...?

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Slightly larger thanan average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: In 1978, John Carpenter showed us what happens when a serial killer has you pretty much under house arrest. Years later, oddball musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie came to bring one of the most terrifying killers in cinema back to the screen. The story mostly remains the same, but with some extras...for one thing, no room for too many f*cking sequels.

History: Michael Myers was always a rather disturbed child. But nothing compared to when he brutally murdered the school bully, his own sister, and his fanatical mother's abusive boyfriend. From there, he was committed to an asylum for the rest of his natural life. Fifteen years of silence and papier-Mache mask-making later, he breaks out, and heads back to his old home, reclaiming his old knife to drive the current occupants out.

Notable Kills: Beats that bully to death with a branch, stabs a nurse with a fork, did SOMETHING to that hospital worker, impales a redneck on antlers, and beats a bouncer's head into a fine paste.

Final Fate: Michael is shot in the head the first time, but that doesn't stop him. Instead, him getting shot several times all over by police officers does. Either way, the entire Myers family is six feet under.

Powers/Abilities: An amazing amount of resiliance.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Michael Myers is as frightening as ever, if not more so. He has the standard inexplicable survival skills, and he looks more unkempt than ever before. Also, he's got something of a height advantage. Bottom line, we are glad to see him dead forever now.

Trivia: -John Carpenter himself initially encouraged Rob to take on Myers' legend, but after seeing it for himself, he was feeling more than just a bit of regret. He was rather disappointed with the overemphasis on Michael's backstory and, of all things, him being too tall.

-Before Rob came into the picture, two different films were pitched to carry on Michael's legacy. A prequel known as "Halloween: The Missing Years", and yet another sequel called "Halloween: Retribution".

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And that destiny leads to Hell.

All fingers point to this prat.

Even as a kid, he had found his calling.

We'll need H20 to wash this out of our mouths.

....yeah, don't look at us.
Just grungier and generally weaker.

"This is my happy face, folks."

Franchise is finite.

Wait until the ticks and lice in that thing converge.

They're paychecks can't be that great.

"Okay, God. What are you telling me? That I'll want to end my life due to Pumpkin Rapper?"

You can never really hide who you are.
That his, he comes home without taking a bath.

At least they had fun with this one.

"To look like Nick Nolte or not..."