“Law of the Outback”

Films: Wolf Creek (2005), Wolf Creek 2 (2014)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Desert/Haunted home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Deep in the Outback, about a thousand things can get you killed. But at the very least, humans aren't among those things. Until now. Prepare to meet the most twisted bushman in all of Australia.

History: Michael "Mick" Taylor led a rather lousy childhood, with an abusive washout of a tracker and an ailing mother. All of that quickly got worse when he accidentally sent his little sister off a cliff. From that point onward, Mick found himself on the run from civilization, carving a path of violence and murder along the way. One horrid job as a soldier in the Vietnam War later, Mick returned to the Australian Outback to live out the rest of his days as a predator. A predator of man, constantly stalking the badlands for people who have lost their way so that he may torture and kill them all.

Notable Kills: The "Man on a Stick" technique he acquired in Nam, in which he severs a person's spine and renders them braindead. Ouch.

Final Fate: No matter who enters Mick's domain, there will always be only one survivor. Mick gets away with everything he does, and to this day, he's still out there...

Powers/Abilities: A skilled marksman and a major amount of resilience.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-Mick may seem like a jovial, if somewhat politically incorrect, quirk of a man living in the middle of nowhere, but this is all an act. He will find you, and he will make you WISH you could die. The women in particular get it the worst, but in the end, all suffer under the wrath of this immoral Aussie.

Trivia: -Mick became something of a breakout villain in Australia, with two prequel novels detailing his backstory and previous exploits involving some people just as bad, if not worse, than him (such as the corrupt sarge he had in Vietnam), as well as a televised miniseries about him getting tracked down himself and him stalking a whole tour bus full of prey.

-The "true story" aspect of the first film is actually mostly untrue. The film actually takes elements from the infamous "Backpacker Murders" committed by serial killer Ivan Millat.

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Here's hoping dingos or a saltwater crocodile hunts him down.

Now, he looks the part of pure evil.

"THAT'S a knife!"

Any year, really.

Nice beard, we'll admit.
RUN. You won't get far.

"And then the Razorback just took the whole damn house with him!"

And torture. Don't forget torture.

"You'd be better off dragging your car to Paris."

"Sniper's a good job, mate!"

He's a good villain as long as he doesn't get a third or fifth sequel.

Guess he almost got ahead of you.

His land, but not his kingdom.

"Now, I'll stick this 'ere handle up my arse!"

That title still goes to the film Australia, for how boring it was.