“Fear what you cannot see”

Films: The Mist (2007)

Alias: Tentacles from Planet X, scorpion flies, Pterobuzzards, Gray Widowers, the Arachno-lobster, the Behemoth

Type: Unknown, possibly Alien

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of squirrels to that of a large building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: If you thought leper-summoning fog was enough to keep you away from misty environments...you've not seen anything yet. There's much more lurking in the mist...so much more. And every last inhabitant has its own way of killing you horribly...

History: One day, a mysterious mist engulfed the entire town of Brigdon, Maine. No one knows where it came from, though there are theories that it was the result of the government accidentally opening up a portal to an eldritch dimension. What we DO know is that lurking in the mist is a menagerie of terrifying creatures with a taste for human flesh. And for a bunch of survivors locked up in a supermarket, the defenses are coming down fast...

Notable Kills: What the Gray Widowers do to their prey when they don't want to eat them...those babies come out in the thousands...

Final Fate: Just when it seems that the monsters are here to stay, the army shows up, and seems to make short work of them all. Good news for the rest of us, bad news for the guy who just shot his family thinking that the tank in the mist was another predator. Ouch.

Powers/Abilities: Scorpion flies can deliver a deadly venom with their stingers, while the Gray Widowers can produce web hotter than molten lead.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-There's a surprise around every corner in the mist, and all of them are guaranteed to result in your gory demise. Perhaps the worst inhabitants are the Gray Widowers with how invasive and violent they are (also, HUMAN TEETH). Strangely, the enormous Behemoth doesn't seem to pay no heed to anything beneath it, so whether it's a threat or not is up for debate. After all, even an otherworldly ecosystem can't be comprised entirely of flesh-eaters, right?

Trivia: -In the original short story by Stephen King, the ending is a lot less dark, with the main family surviving and trekking towards Hartford. The story itself was inspired by King imagining a pterosaur-like monster raiding the supermarket he was in at the moment during a severe storm.

-The story was later adapted into a TV series in 2017. It was canceled after one season, probably because it had pretty much no monsters in it aside from some small invertebrates and the mist itself. Needless to say, it was a major step downward from this adaptation.

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As well as a total lack of control on reality.

It's creeping on you...

Petrie, NO!

Shopping, according to the Gray Widowers.
The book that became an even bigger nightmare...

Yeah. The world's gone to the abominations.

"No, too spicy for me."

Not scared of spiders? You will be.
How easily will these bonds be CUT...

Pray the blood loss gets to you first.

"Like the pinata? He came in flavor cynic!"
Right on time! Well, sorta.

Yes, this was clearly thought out.

There's not a flyswatter big enough.

The equivalent of an obese man heading over to the gas station for a quick stop.