“Of aliens, monsters, and vikings”

Films: Outlander (2008)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Forest/Desert/Cave

Height/Weight: Twice that of an elephant.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Genocide sucks. For everyone. Especially if some jackass human look-alikes did it. And we don't care if the genocided ones don't count as "intelligent life". That's all a matter of perspective. Besides, this beast was a lot smarter than the folks currently occupying our world at the time...

History: Long ago in the far reaches of space, a species known as the Moorwen were wiped out by bombs from an alien race identical to humanity and implied to be our precursors. The last Moorwen slaughtered the family of one of the aliens, Kainan, in retaliation, and stowed away on his ship before they both landed in Viking-era Scandinavia. While Kainan moved in with the humans, the Moorwen began to carve a path of destruction that did not go unnoticed by the locals. Now, Kainan will rally the battle-hungry warriors to bring the beast down. Oh, and it can have babies too. At least one. This village is toast.

Notable Kills: Gives a religious priest enough time to prattle in its face before skewering him. It also manages to kill many (slicing one's head off while running) while ON FIRE.

Final Fate: After its kid is decapitated, the Moorwen has one last confrontation with Kainan before ending up dangling off the side of a cliff. The two exchange looks before it falls off the edge and dies. At the very least, it has been immortalized in legend and architecture alongside Kainan, who is believed to have been sent from Valhalla itself.

Powers/Abilities: The Moorwen is so resilient, you can stab it over and over and set it on fire, and yet it'll still keep going. It is also ridiculously agile for its size.

Weakness: Heavy artillery.

Scariness Factor: 4-The Moorwen seems to have been designed to be the perfect super predator. With an impressive size, a hunting style like a big cat, a tail shaped like a flogging whip, and those eerie lights reminiscent of deep-sea fish it can produce, this thing could have easily wiped out the entire human race at the level of progress they were at in those days. Even the baby is lethal, in a fun-size sort of way. Seriously though Kainan, we know that you probably know, but what your kind did to these creatures just minding their own business was NOT. COOL.

Trivia: -The Moorwen's name is meant to be a play on the Morlocks, the antagonists of "The Time Machine".

-In nature, bioluminescence it typically used to either signify one’s presence, or in the case of most predators, entrance prey and lure them into striking distance. For the Moorwen, is seems to be a combination of both the latter and an emotive display, with blue representing confusion and/or youth and red for maturity and/or "You're all going to die...".

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Try the other way around, boy.

Worlds collide at last!

The last beautiful sunrise she'll ever see.

"You took EVERYTHING from me." "I don't even know you. "YOU WILL."
The battle between the world's most dangerous monsters...and a Moorwen.

Did the same thing when dad burned the turkey at Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, the light at the end of the tunnel is just a murderous insane space alien.

Long live the queen...
The Lion King, as told by somebody who really hated animals.

Did a symbiote infect that thing or...

This would work if this guy didn't come over from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Baby's first throne room.
I don't remember this Hercules episode.

Which one of you smartasses fused a Moorwen with a Rathalos?!

Mommy's very angry.

So, this is what he does when he just says he's 'getting a glass of water'.