“Mommy spins her web”

Films: Spiders (2000)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area/Eldritch location

Height/Weight: Grows from that of a large dog to that of a truck.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Are you scared of spiders? Well, then please stop. Had it not been for them, your house would probably be a breeding ground for flies and gnats, unless you're into that sort of thing. But are you scared of genetically modified spiders? Then that's perfectly okay...

History: The result of a bonkers science experiment in space, Project Mother-in-Law goes like this. Just take some of the deadliest spider species, splice their DNA, make giant reproducing spiders, and unleash them as natural WMDs. It seems nice until everyone inevitably dies on the shuttle or gets turned into incubators. But at least it's still in space...oh wait, no it isn't! A meteor shower caused the shuttle to crash back to Earth, and now the spiders are multiplying. But in the end, only one will remain and become the worst eight-legged terror ever.

Notable Kills: It hatches by bursting out of bodies horribly. The first one's rise is going to make you freak every time you hear the classic "accidentally eat spiders during sleep" myth.

Final Fate: After all the other spiders are squished, the man who started this mess spitefully allows himself to incubate the largest of them all. After the giant spider makes a mess of the town, it is blown up when a rocket launcher makes direct aim at its face.

Powers/Abilities: Mother-in-Law spiders don't stop growing, and are quite resilient. They also have a venom that can kill in seconds as well as projectile web to ensnare prey.

Weakness: Heavy artillery, especially in the soft spots.

Scariness Factor: 4-As a low-budget CGI beast, the Mother-in-Law breed are hopeless. But as animatronics, they are an arachnophobe's worst nightmare. Looking less like spiders and more like arachnids from Hell, these beasts' snarling Yautja-like faces and visceral hatchings will haunt you for days.

Trivia: -If you look closely at the storage tanks in the underground facility, you will notice that one has the exact date of John F. Kennedy's death. That’s all we need. A zombie president/spider hybrid movie. Hey Syfy, look who came up with your next premise!

-In Argentina, this film is actually considered a sequel to "Arachnophobia". Someone please tell them that it isn't.

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The cast of Friends has met an ignoble end.


When there are no tables to flip and you're a giant super-powered spider.
"Wait, don't we actually multiply during the sequel? I don't even know where we are."

She's a growing girl, after all.

Universal, we need to talk about the latest animatronic!
Two strong females walk into a movie.

She just wanted that fantasy of having a gun for each leg.

Worse than showing up for a late-night showing of the Oogieloves.
But it has to hatch from a man...for disgusting reasons.

"Oh, yeah!"