“Things are getting baaaahhd”

Films: Black Sheep (2006)

Alias: Weresheep (Grant, Angus, Tucker)

Type: Man-Made

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average sheep (that of average humans for the weresheep)

Affiliation: Neutral, Evil (Weresheep)

Summary: New Zealand is known for three things. Locales for shooting big-budget fantasy, birds, and sheep. Lots of sheep. So imagine for a second if the most numerous livestock on the island became as blood-crazed as a herd of chainsaws. Then, you have a slightly amusing nightmare.

History: The Oldfield farm has always been a bit messed up. If only due to Angus Oldfield being a sociopathic asshole to his little brother Henry. Many years after dad dies, Angus is given free reign to experiment on his entire flock of sheep, turning them into ravenous carnivores through experimentation. Whether he intended this or not hardly matters, as activists accidentally release a lamb from the mutant herd, getting more sheep turned into killers. Worse, anyone who survives with just a bite will become hideous weresheep! It's absolute chaos and we love every second of it!

Notable Kills: See Final Fate.

Final Fate: All of the weresheep are administered a special cure, but when Angus receives it, he demands that the sheep bite him again. They do. By his johnson. Which extends for a bit. Before the rest descend upon him. But in the end, all of the sheep are taken out by a lighter, a fart, and a resulting explosion. However, the sheepdog is shown to be bleating...

Powers/Abilities: Anyone bitten by a sheep or weresheep will slowly become the latter.

Weakness: Anything conventional, as well as there being a cure for this lycanthropy.

Scariness Factor: 4-On paper, killer sheep sound on par with giant man eating rabbits. But as it turns out, it's rather effective, if only because the sheep and the frankly horrifying werewsheep look so real.

Trivia: -Many of the weresheep noises were made by this film's director, Jonathan King.

-Do not underestimate male sheep, or rams, as they are known. Mating season guarantees that should you piss one off, you will come out with more than a few bones broken when it charges you.

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